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Looking to ship your car from the UAE? The cost of car shipping can depend on many different variables. But you can still handle car shipping in Dubai with the right information. Below you will find a list of 19 common destinations people in the UAE ship their cars to and the approximate costs along with the average duties and taxes for each country.

Cost of Car Shipping to the Most Popular Destinations

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cost to ship car-table

VAT: Value added tax

GST: Goods and Services Tax


The approximate costs listed are just estimates and should not replace exact figures.

The larger ranges are due to the varied shipping options available for each country.

Example: The approximate cost for shipping your car to Bahrain is AED 1,800 – AED 10,000. This means that AED 1,800 is the approximate price for the lowest cost option which is roll-on, roll-off on a car carrier. While AED 10,000 is the approximate cost for shipping to Bahrain in a container by sea.

The costs listed exclude any customs duties and taxes that you may incur on shipping.

Example: Shipping your car to the Philippines costs roughly between AED 6,000 to AED 8,000. However, this cost is ONLY on freight charges. There are still taxes, duties, and many other additional charges. Once added, the cost of shipping your car is almost 100% of your car’s value. This is why most car shipping companies discourage shipping your car to the Philippines. However, if you are a diplomat you do not have to incur these high car shipping prices.

You may find that certain countries have much higher import duties, customs, and levies than others. To help you make a smarter and financially safer decision, make sure your destination port is not on this list of countries. These destinations can prove very expensive to ship cars to based on tax and customs duties.

At the time of publishing, the average duties and taxes listed are correct. However, they are subject to change without notice. It is always advisable to conduct extensive research after referring to the table above.

Different countries have different requirements and car specifications. It is important to adhere strictly to them before you can legally register a car there. Therefore, it’s advisable to fully understand the restrictions in place. This helps to make sure that your car conforms to all legal and safety requirements beforehand. For example, you cannot legally import a Left-Hand-Drive vehicle into South Africa.

Factors Affecting the Car Shipping Cost

When choosing the right shipping company for your car, you should take into consideration the following factors that may affect the cost:


Location is a primary concern when shipping your car. The farther away it is, the higher the cost. However, the cost will be reduced if you’re shipping to a destination that has popular routes. This eliminates the need to add routes or hire extra help.

Time of Year

The auto transport industry is busiest when people are traveling a lot, like in the summer as it is the most convenient and safest time to transport vehicles. Therefore, in peak seasons, car shipping becomes more expensive.

Vehicle Type and Size

The amount of space your vehicle takes up also affects the overall cost of shipping. Heavier cars are more difficult to ship in comparison to lighter and smaller ones. Moreover, tall and long cars require extra transport adjustments hence increasing your total bill. Larger tires, roof racks, and other modifications also add to the charges.

Methods of Shipment

The cheapest and easiest way to ship vehicles is in containers through a cargo ship. There are several container options you can choose from within a ship depending on your budget.

1. Dedicated Container

This option includes a personal container that is rented by the exporter. You have the option of shipping personal belongings or other goods, along with the car.

2. Consolidation Container

If you’re looking for a more economical option, a consolidation container allows you to ship your car with two or more other cars.

3. RO-RO Carriers

The roll-on, roll-off method is one of the most popular methods of vehicle transport. For this method, the car must be in working condition since it has to be driven up a ramp onto a ship. For delivery, the ship travels to the local port. Upon arrival, the securely held vehicles are driven off the shipping vessel. Make sure that no items are stored in the car when using this method.

Requirements for the Car Shipping Process

To get the shipping process started, you need to check the eligibility of your car for shipment. Improper paperwork or missing documents may cause delays when retrieving your vehicles. The below-mentioned documents are necessary to start the shipment process.

  • Original export certificate
  • Vehicle purchase invoice
  • Passport/ Visa of the shipper
  • Passport/ Visa of the consignee
  • Vehicle insurance policy
  • Emirates ID
  • Mortgage release certificate
  • Original vehicle registration certificate

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Bear in mind that the cost of car shipping can be significant. Even with the many options available for car shipping in Dubai, you can’t avoid customs, taxes, or import duties. Getting insurance is usually optional. But unless you’re willing to accept a damaged vehicle or lose it completely, insurance matters. On ServiceMarket you can compare car shipping companies and costs with greater ease.

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  1. Hi! I want to buy a second hand Toyota Camry 2008 from Dubai. What’s the shipping cost to Sihanoukville port, Cambodia?

  2. Hi..

    I’m planning to send my car in the philippines from UAE. My car is mitsubishi pajero 2015 (3.5). It runs already 350,000 kilometers and i dont know what is the present value now but i buy it for 89,000 dirhams.

    How much do i need to spend in sending it as i’m planning to for good in the philippines already.

      1. Sorry, but your website is pretty useless and doesn’t get past first data entry page…selecting car type etc and country location…why make it so specific when you just want customers to enquire, but find they can’t, give up and so enquire elsewhere…try Toyota Fortuna from JBR Dubai to Bacolod..and let me know? Perhaps this is the basic reason why everyone is asking on specific requests. Thanks.

        1. Hi AJ,
          Thank you for your feedback. I have escalated this to our technical team and we will get Toyota Fortuna added as an option. For now, you can select ‘other’ to submit a request. We appreciate your feedback about the form being too specific and we will definitely take this into consideration – we want to make it as easy as possible for people to use our website. Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback. Our customer support team will be in touch to see if we can help you in getting quotes for shipping your car.

  3. Greetings,

    Approximately how much would it cost to ship a car from Dubai to Washington, DC? It’s a 2009 Mercedes S class.

  4. Hello .. I would like to export my car to india, Kerala .
    I would like to know the informations regarding the process.
    howmuch does that cost for the car to be exported and the duration as well.

    1. Hi Sreejith,
      Please submit a request on in order to receive quotes for exporting your car. The shipping companies will let you know how long it will take, and they will also answer any questions that you may have about the process.

  5. hi, i would like to know the maximum time required to ship the lamborghini aventador from montreal to uae…,Thanks in advance….

    1. Hi Dishu,

      Please enter your details on our website. You will then be contacted by multiple car shipping companies who would be able to provide you with quotes as well as the estimated time it will take to ship your car to the UAE.


  6. Hi dear,

    Any chances of sending my 2007 suzuki sports motorcycle from dubai to philippines? price is around 20k aed. thanks!

  7. I would like to know how much would it cost to ship a car from dubai to Pakistan, if the car’s value is 60000 AED, I mean full process. From dubai to Pakistan ready to register

    1. Hi Hamza,

      Shipping your car to Pakistan can be complicated due to factors such as custom clearance. Most shipping companies would not take care of the custom clearance, so you would have to organize this yourself.

      Shipping your car to Karachi Port usually takes around 4-6 weeks and you will be looking at a shipping cost around AED 5,000 (excluding custom charges and any duties). Please submit a request on our website. You will then be contacted by car shipping companies who can explain the process of shipping a car to Pakistan and the difficulties you may face.


  8. Hello,

    I would like to know how much would it cost to ship a car from dubai to Lithuania (EU), if the car’s value is 70000 AED, I mean full process. From dubai to lithuania ready to register.


  9. Hi

    I have an American Spec Lincoln MKC 2015 model to be shipped to Canada (Montreal). How much will this cost and how long is it expected to take.


    1. Hi Ray,

      It will take approximately 6-8 weeks to ship your car to Canada. To get quotes from multiple companies please submit your car’s details on our website.

      Let us know if we can help with anything else.


  10. Hi,

    I would like to ship my car mercedes c class 2016 of approximate value of AED 150 k to greece. From jebel ali or any other port of dubai or abu dhabi to athens. Can you please advise the shipping cost and any other approximate duties cost and taxes.

  11. balázs Rabóczki

    Dear Mr.Ms.I would like to ask,that how many weeks to ship my 2015 Chevrolet camaro to Hungary(Budapest), and what about the price?

    Thank you

    Rabóczki Balázs

    1. Hi Rabóczki,

      It will take around 6-8 weeks to ship your Chevrolet and will cost approximately 10-15k AED (excluding duties and taxes). Please enter your car’s details on ServiceMarket in order to get multiple quotes from shipping companies.

      Thank you,

  12. Hello, I would like to know how expensive it is to export a Mercedes s65 amg from UAE To Finland or Sweden (cheapest way). And does this car what is bought from UAE fill all the required standards back in europe? And one more question, is it a problem that I do not have an address in UAE when I buy a car from there.


    1. Hi Vincent,

      Taking a car from the UAE to Finland/Sweden is likely to cost between 10-15k AED, excluding duties and taxes. You can put in a request for quotes on our website to receive multiple quotes from reputable companies who will be able to answer all of your questions.


  13. Dear Lisa,

    I have a Harley Davidson 2012 Model 1200cc.
    i want to ship it to india for a month and then back here.
    what will be the approx cost for both side shipping and what is the regulations to use the bike in India with Dubai Registration

    1. Hi Waqas,

      It doesn’t really make sense to do this. It would not be cost effective and the shipping process takes a number of weeks. If possible, it would be a good idea to consider hiring one for the one month you are there. Just to ship your Harley Davidson to India you would be looking at paying something around 8,000 AED (excluding duties).

      Let us know if we can help with anything else.


  14. Hi, am planning to ship my car to phillipines. Bmw i305, 2007 model. How much it will cost me. From dubai custom to phillipines custom.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Christian,
      Please see the table above for the estimated costs to ship your car to the Philippines.
      Please contact us for detailed quotes.

    1. Dear,
      A door-to-door service costs on average 23,000 AED and will have a transit time of 1 month. The car needs to meet the US specifications.
      The costs for alterations to meet the US specifications, can add up to a significant amount, in this case we would advise you to sell the car.
      If you are looking for detailed quotes to ship your car, feel free to contact us.

      Thank you!

        1. Yes, the car specifications (engine, chassis etc) are significantly different for the US in comparison to the UAE.

    2. Here’s the skinny, check under the hood of your chevy, it was made in the USA and there will be a data or EPA sticker on it and will say you meet the EPA standards for the USA. There will be no issues bringing it back to the USA. Also go to Chevrolet website and apply for the letter from them saying it meets all the EPA standards and have that ready to show when it arrives in the US. Just find the VIN on the vehicle. I am shipping a Ford Mustang back which was also made in Michigan, USA so it meets all the current EPA emission standards.

    1. Hi Ubedullah, the cost for shipping your car will be between AED 10,000 and AED 15,000 (freight charges) – however additional costs will need to be paid for customs, clearances and duties. Please get in touch with us so we can provide you with exact quotes from our partners.

  15. Can you please tell me how much it will cost to ship my car from Dubai to Serbia? Or at least to Greece? And how many days is necesary. Thank you.

    1. Dear Igor, it can cost between 10,000 and 17,000 depending on car specs and size, as well as specifics of the service.

  16. Hi, I want to ship my car Nissan Patrol (2015) no mortgage to India for 5 months and will return it, please explain me the procedures and cost.



    1. Dear Sherif, to be able to use your vehicle in India it would need to be modified (right-hand drive, etc). That will make it considerably more expensive that just the shipping cost!

        1. Hi JB,

          It takes around 4-6 weeks to ship a car to the UK and it is very expensive so it might not make sense to do this for such a short time period. In most cases you can only drive with foreign number plates on in the UK for up to 6 months, after which you would be required to register your vehicle and change to UK number plates. We recommend that you get in touch with one of our car shipping partners to discuss your situation in detail.


    1. Dear Mark, that will no longer be counted as car shipping. Depending on the parts you intend to export, it would be counted as international shipping of items. Specific regulations may apply which you would have to contact one of our service providers for.

    1. Hi Reza,
      It can cost anywhere between AED 8,000 and AED 15,000 depending on the car specs, required services, etc.
      We also advise checking car compatibility with Latvian rules before shipping your car, as this can add expense to the cost of shipping.

    1. Dear Paul,
      We do not recommend to ship your car to the Philippines since it is very expensive.
      However to give you an estimate: the cost of the transit fees will be between 6,000 and 8,000 AED and the cost for duties, customs and clearances will be approximately the value of your car.

        1. Emilene Parry

          Hi Paul,

          AED 1 is approximately PHP 13.56, so yes, AED 10,000 is approx PHP 130,000.


    1. Dear Lawson, a door to door shipment would cost between AED 15,000 and AED 22,000 depending on your car specs, etc. For a detailed quote please get in touch!

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