4 Common Myths About Car Shipping to Europe from the UAE

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Car shipping from the UAE to Europe is actually usually cheaper, as compared to buying a new one in the destination country. There area lot of speculations around car shipping in Dubai, this blog aims to clear them. 

Debunking 4 Widespread Myths About Car Shipping 

Getting a car shipped can be challenging and overwhelming. The cost associated with the move and safety of the vehicle is one of the concerns for many. Here are some common myths, along with their realities:Β 

Myth #1: Car Shipping from Dubai to Europe Is Expensive

The Truth: Actually, it is cheaper to ship your car from the UAE to Europe if you compare it with buying a new one.

Usually, shipping goods to a different country involves numerous types of taxes, and it is natural to think that the same goes for shipping a car. Yes, normally, there is a 10% customs tax applied on the value of your car and there is also a VAT tax of about 20%, however, if you are relocating to Europe, these charges do not apply.

Europeans are required to pay huge customs and taxes when buying a car in Europe, but that is not the case in the UAE. It is also very difficult to achieve a reasonable resale price when selling a used car in the UAE, so it is better to take your car with you to Europe, if its value is over AED 50,000.

Myth #2: The EU Has Tons of Restrictions on Which Cars Can Be Shipped

The Truth: No, there are not as many restrictions as you may think.

Principally, you can ship any car to Europe. If you are relocating to Europe and want to ship your car with you, you have the opportunity to ship it customs-free as a relocation good. The restrictions that come with this is that you are not allowed to sell your car again in Europe for 12 months, and you may need to pay high taxes because of the low exhaust emissions classification. Furthermore, when relocating, you can also get a certificate of exemption. However, if you register your car with that certificate, you are not allowed to ever sell your car again within the EU. 

Myth #3: Car Shipping in Dubai Requires Complex Documentation and Approvals

The Truth: The process is quite standard.

The only documentation required includes your passport copy, car invoice, and the Export Certificate (obtained from RTA or DoT). However, if you plan on moving it as a tax-free relocation good, you need a few documents such as:

  • Original Vehicle Title
  • Bill of Sale
  • Shipping Invoice
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Copy of Passport and Visa
  • Export License
  • Shipping Booking Confirmation
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Customs Declaration Form
  • Import Regulations Compliance Certificate
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Road-worthiness Certificate (Mulkiya)
  • Emission Compliance Certificate
  • Power of Attorney

Myth #4: Good Car Shippers Are Hard to Find

The Truth: Just go to the ServiceMarket website and see top companies for car shipping from Dubai to Europe listed there.

Los of companies handle car shipping in Dubai these days. However, only a few have the experience, proper licenses, and certifications to handle something as personal and valuable as moving your car. Researching and finding the right company can take hours or perhaps days. You can save the hassle by finding a reliable mover with ServiceMarket. 

Simply go to the website and seek quotes from various car shipping companies, go through the reviews, and finalize the one that meets your needs as well as your budget.

20 thoughts on “4 Common Myths About Car Shipping to Europe from the UAE”

  1. Hi there,

    I would like to take my FJ Cruiser to Portugal but I have no idea what to do….. Is the FJ even allowed in Europe??


    1. Hi Ian,
      I recommend that you submit a request on our website. A car shipping company will then call you with all details including the cost of shipping and details of all car requirements and taxes.

  2. registration card copy from your native country. what about if i am not European citizen, however i will relocate to portugal. which documents i have to submit, as far as i got registration card must be from portugal? Do i need to have cancellation of my residence visa for receiving car in portugal later on. how many cars can be shipped and register for 1 person( we have 2 registered for 1 person) thank you

    1. Emilene Parry

      Hi Ivan,
      Could you please submit a request on our website? Once you do this, one of our shipping partners will contact you and they will be able to answer all the questions you have in detail.

  3. We are considering shipping our Land Rover Defender from Oman to Italy. It is 11 years old and we would use it for recreational purposes in Italy. Please advise…

    1. Emilene Parry

      Hi Sandra,
      I would advise you to submit a request on our website. You will be contacted by car shipping companies who can inform you of all costs associated with moving your car and any car restrictions or requirements in Italy.

  4. Hi, I am having Mazda 6 2016 model. I am shifting to United Kingdom from UAE and planning to take my car with me. Can I be able to drive the same car in UK since the drive style is different (left and right hand drive).
    2ndly, any idea approximately how much it will be the total cost of sending car to the UK.

    1. Emilene Parry

      Hi Nasar,
      Please submit a request on our website to receive quotes for shipping your car. You should be able to drive the car in the UK, provided you make the required safety alterations. The shipping company will be able to answer any questions you may have and give you full details of all UK registration requirements.

  5. Would it make sense to buy a 2008 Ferrari F430 Spider in Dubai and sell it in europe? What are the costs involved in moving the car to Italy (for example) and what taxes do I have to consider paying?

    1. Hi Elia,
      It would depend on the car’s value and on where you are looking to take the car – the taxes and duties differ significantly from country to country. Importantly, you would need to ensure that the car complies to the country’s car regulations as there are strict rules in place in most European countries. If you’re an expat looking to ship it to Italy, you’d be looking at duties around 11% and a VAT rate of 22% unless you can prove that you have owned the car for over a year. The car would also have to pass an road-worthiness test to ensure that it complies with Italian car standards before you could get the car plates, so I’d advise you to check that the car complies to all Italian car requirements before you purchase it. If you would like to get a better understanding of the shipping cost involved you can enter the car’s details on our website to receive quotes from car shipping companies. These companies would also be able to advise you of any additional costs involved.

  6. We are looking to ship our KIA Sorento 3.3 (2017) to the Netherlands but the BPM (CO2 emission) tax is very hefty as the car has over 168 grms/km. Is there a way around it as it seems crazy to pay around USD 17,000 to import.
    If this is the case, we might try and sell the vehicle here and buy a 2nd hand car on the Netherlands

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      Unfortunately in this case I think it might make more sense to sell the car here and buy another car in the Netherlands. Shipping a car is typically quite expensive and there’s no way around paying tax. If you haven’t heard of CarSwitch, they could be a good option to help you to sell your car before your move.

    1. Hi VanGeel,
      Please submit a request on our website. Our partners will be able to advise on the requirements to ship your car to the Netherlands based on the details of your car.

  7. Hi, I wish to purchase a new Dodge Charger in UAE. I plan to take along with me to New zealand after receiving my PR (within 2 years). I have following questions.
    1. Is it fair to carry GCC spec. car and to change as per EU spec.? or should I buy EU spec. car in UAE?
    2. Do I need to change the drive pattern (LH drive to RH drive)?
    3. Complete charges (door to door service) and duration for shipping?

    1. Hi Raj,
      I have sent you an email to put you in touch with an expert from one of our car shipping partners. He should be able to answer all of your questions and give you the best advice. When you are ready to move, you can use ServiceMarket to get competitive quotes.

  8. Thinking about buying a Land Rover Discovery 2016 HSE model to ship to Spain in around 18months time. How difficult is it to get such a car imported and registered there now? Realise that regulations may change, but have a good opportunity to buy at a good price now and want to use it here in UAE in the interim.

    1. Hi Peter,

      You will be able to get quotes from multiple reputable shipping companies by entering all the car’s details on our website. These companies should be able to answer all of your questions in detail.


  9. kerim basaran

    Great document indeed…

    I have a mother questions:
    what are the minimum requirements for GCC car spec to be changed to EU car spec?

    I have a 2010 model ford edge limited and I would like to take it with me to The Netherlands, someone told me the mirrors needs to have the indicator lights but mine does not, do I need to change the mirrors? are there any other requirements?


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