4 Things to Remember for Your Office Move

Organizing an office relocation is a huge project and takes up much more time than a home move, because there is simply no time and no budget for mistakes – everything has to be set up and ready for operations on the same, or at least, the following day. Finding a new suitable office is the hardest and most important step, but there are also a million other things you have to consider after finding the perfect future workplace.

Here are 4 things you should remember in order to have an easier and faster office move:

  1. Hire professionals: From a financial point of view, asking friends for help with moving is a very smart idea – but only if it is a private move! When planning to relocate your office, you should definitely reach out to professional office movers. The reason is simple – most likely there are numerous fragile valuables, e.g. electronic devices. If you, friends or employees accidentally damage something during the office move, your company will have to shoulder the costs caused. When you decide to go with professionals, you won’t have to worry about this. The majority of moving companies provide insurance for the moved items, as long as you let them pack and transport your interior. Furthermore, they are likely to be experienced with office moves and they will be able to guide you through the process. Contact different office moving companies and get as much information about their services, as well as their price quotes – this way you will be to get the most suitable company for your project.
  2. Notifications: Inform your post office, your business partners and suppliers about your upcoming move and provide them with the new address.  Don’t forget to arrange a redirection for your mail at the post office. Also notify your internet and phone provider early about the moving date, to make sure they have enough time to transfer the services to the new address. Keep following up and, if necessary, put some pressure on them, so everything is set up and working in the new office the first day of operations. Because, what is a business without internet nowadays?
  3. Organization: The name of the game is organization! You won’t have time to search for an item, because you misplaced it, or to risk something gets lost during the office move. So label every box and make a list of its content. Ask every employee to pack and mark their personal box clearly, so it can be positioned correctly. Also take pictures of plugged-in cables, so you know where they belong when you put the device back together. Extra tip: tape the cables to its electronic device, so they do not get lost or mixed up.
  4. Take the opportunity for improvement: Don’t let this opportunity slip to clean all your devices and furniture, as well as for getting rid of unneeded documents and outdated office supplies. The office represents your company to potential clients and business partners, so make sure you always have modern, efficient and space-saving equipment. Such equipment can be purchased at Officerock.com, the largest online supplier of office supplies and stationery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE.


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