5 Beautiful Curtain Options for Your Dubai Home

Fabric for Your Dubai Curtains

Confused by the overwhelming variety of curtains in Dubai? You’re not the only one! It can be hard to pick the most suitable curtains for each room. You have to consider multiple factors, including their usefulness as well as whether or not the curtain designs match the color and style of the rooms. At ServiceMarket we shortlisted five modern curtain styles that you should definitely consider having in your home!


If you are looking for fancy curtains that also block sunlight, then you should get drapes for your living room and bedrooms. They usually have a heavy fabric and can instantly give any room a premium look.

Draperies in Dubai

Wall-length curtains:

You can now find a greater variety of curtains in the market than ever before. You can even get additional features like valance and pelmet headings and blackout layers. Consider getting customized wall-length curtains to complement the furnishings in your home.

Wall-length curtains in Dubai

Sheer curtains:

You should consider hanging sheer curtains in any rooms that you would like to allow sunlight in. Sheer curtains are slightly transparent and allow a comfortable amount of light to pass through – making them ideal for living rooms that overlook a garden.

Sheer curtains in Dubai

Stylish blinds:

Contrary to what many people think, blinds can also be stylish and can be perfect for modern home decor. For example, check out the following Venetian blinds in a living room. They come in many colors and you can opt for horizontal or vertical blinds.

Venetian blinds in Dubai

Roman blinds:

These curtains are both stylish and practical. People who’ve never seen them before are often confused by their names. In fact, like curtains, they are mostly made with textured and printed cloth and come in many fancy varieties. Roman blinds can be easily pulled up and down with a chord, just like blinds. They are ideal for living rooms or study rooms and even personal libraries but can be installed in any room.

Roman blinds in Dubai

How to Choose the Right Fabric for Your Dubai Curtains

. Some people don’t realize that the fabric you choose plays an important practical role in addition to its aesthetic purpose! You should really know your clothes to make the most out of your curtains. ServiceMarket has put together this helpful guide to aid you in choosing the right kind of fabric for your Dubai curtains. So read on:

Lights out or in?

Depending on whether or not you want natural light streaming in, you need the correct type of window curtains. Natural light gets pretty intense in Dubai from Spring to mid-Autumn, so if you’re not a fan of sunlight then blackout curtains are your best bet. Blackout curtains typically have an additional layer of fabric (usually a white plastic-like material) sown on the back of the curtains. This layer completely blocks out sunlight – and some of the heat that comes with it! However, in rooms like your kitchen or kids’ playroom, you’ll probably miss some of that sun. You can opt for sheer curtains – they don’t block out natural light completely but let it filter through. They wouldn’t be your ideal choice as bedroom curtains where you’d want both privacy and the chance for a lie-in during the weekends, but they do look great as living room curtains!

Hot, cold, or just right?

Did you know that curtains can actually help you save on your energy costs? Thermal curtains are literally tailor-made for regulating temperatures in your home but can be a little costlier than typical curtain fabrics. It’s a good idea to see which windows get direct sunlight and hang up thermal curtains, especially for them.

The color of your curtains also significantly influences the temperature of your home interior. Darker colors absorb more light and heat and therefore aren’t the best choice if you want to keep it cool inside. But if dark dyes suit your tastes, then consider white lining on the back of your curtains to reflect the hot sunlight, or just go for thermal fabrics for the lining.

The heavier the fabric, the more protection you get from intense heat and cold coming in from the outside. Close-weave drapery or curtain fabric with a high thread count prevents cold winds or scorching sunlight from filtering through. So go for the heavy stuff if you want to keep temperatures pleasant inside your home.

Room compatibility

The type of room is a very important factor in determining what sort of curtains and blinds should you get. You wouldn’t want to get Venetian blinds for your living room – they’d give off a corporate feel to all your guests when next you throw a party! Blinds would be better suited for your kitchen, while sheer curtains fit perfectly adjacent to a large patio door. Draperies are the perfect match for your living room, while curtains that puddle on the floor add a romantic touch to any bedroom.

Decore Dos and Don’ts

Decorating your interior is pretty much an art in itself. Make sure to take the time to work on the composition of your room when buying new curtains in Dubai. Use your decor for inspiration – if your furniture, upholstery, mountings, and decoration pieces have a modern vibe to them, then curtains with an elegant design would stick out like a sore thumb. Similarly, if you have a feature wall that already catches plenty of attention, an equally flashy set of drapes will just wind up making everything look gaudy. The size of your windows also matters. Dramatic curtains or drapes with very heavy design prints for large windows will overpower the room, making the decor seem skewed.

Using ServiceMarket, you can get companies to visit your house and provide you with free custom quotes for all of these styles of curtains and blinds in Dubai. Just let us know what you want!

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