5 Tips for Moving Heavy Items From Abu Dhabi to Canada

We understand moving from Abu Dhabi to Canada can be stressful. From assembling your documents to packing up all your stuff, there is a lot to do!

Moving and packing is a long and tiring process. To make the process easier, start by hiring the right international moving company for your relocation. Finding the right partner will make things work for you smoothly.

While relocating internationally, the most important concern is how to handle the heavy items? Carrying heavy items causing no damage can be difficult.

ServiceMarket at your service:

For making this process easier, ServiceMarket can be your best partner. It takes care of handling all the moving while you are busy with your documents. It helps you get personalized plans for your relocation process.

When planning to move internationally, besides homogenous tasks, there are so many other things to do. Hence, hiring the best licensed and qualified international movers can be of great relief.

How ServiceMarket works?

As you know, every relocation is different. You must hire a reliable and accredited company in Abu Dhabi. Service Market has all licensed companies assembled for you in a go!

To ensure that you choose the company that helps you make a customized plan according to your needs, ServiceMarket has it all sorted! Booking an accredited company for your moving services will make your process smooth.

Getting registered is simple, fill out a form for basic information, and we will get back to you for additional details. As soon as you get done with your registration, you are ready to begin your shift from Abu Dhabi to Canada.

Secret tips for handling items when relocating internationally:

Moving internationally can be expensive. Keeping all the expenses in mind, you will want to avoid any extra expenditures. Instead, you want to work on your relocation in a cost-effective manner.

1. Hiring a moving partner:

Hiring a moving partner that suits your budget and meets your requirements is essential. Once you have hired your moving partner, an agent will visit you to survey your belongings. The agent will get you a fair quote for your belongings.

Once you get the quote, analyze if it suits you and ask your agent if you can get additional insurance coverage. You can also ask your movers in Abu Dhabi if they can offer settling services for your furniture in Canada.

2. Plan Ahead:

Another important trick when you are planning to move your furniture and heavy items internationally is to plan ahead of time.

3. Costing:

Costing is another thing that should be estimated beforehand. It is essential that you have a complete breakdown of your international move. This way there will be no additional charges and delays.

The costing depends on various factors that include:

  1. Weight
  2. What services you want
  3. Distance
  4. Shipping mode

4. Convenient & Reliable:

For moving internationally, your moving partner should make you a customized plan that suits your availability. It is difficult for you to put your trust in someone with your belongings and personal stuff.

Hence, choosing a reliable and convenient partner company can be very challenging for you. You can further read about it in this article.

5. Online Tracking:

Online tracking is another important trick. Although you trust your moving partner, your valid concerns about your shipment are justified.

Hence, online tracking helps you stay updated about your shipment via text or email notification about where they are and when they are due.


In a nutshell, we understand that moving to Canada from Abu Dhabi is challenging for you. With a new place, there will be new challenges waiting for you. But before you get worried about the entire relocation thing, know that ServiceMarket is here for you. You can hire movers and packers for your move from Abu Dhabi to Canada in just a few clicks!

With so many concerns linked with moving, you would need all the help you can get.

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