7 Ideas for a Fairytale Dubai Wedding

Dubai wedding ideas

When it’s time to ring the wedding bells, you’d want nothing less than a magical experience. The mind tends to run wild when there’s just so many possibilities of a perfect Dubai wedding. Not to fret. We here at ServiceMarket have made a short list of wonderful wedding ideas guaranteed to make your big day unforgettable.


Before you get to the details, it’s important to decide where to hold the wedding. It can be a real toss-up between exchanging vows at a beautifully decorated wedding venue or at any one of Dubai’s gorgeous locations. A wedding on the beach, in the desert or on a hotel rooftop with a breathtaking view will make for a truly memorable day.

Dubai wedding ideasΒ Dubai wedding ideas


Square weddings aren’t something that people will talk about. Go for exciting themes to make the event fresh, unique and memorable. If you’re confused about what theme you should go for, try translating something special both you and your partner hold dear. Another, simpler idea would be to work with colours or have the bridesmaids and groomsmen dress funky!


Dubai wedding ideasΒ Dubai wedding ideas


When you’ve finally decided on a date and made your guest list, it’s time to send out the invitations. Get creative with your cards with textures and ornamentations like ribbons, tassels, pop-up patterns and acrylic gems, or a style that reflects the theme of your wedding. You can also personalise the text in your invite to make your cards extra special.


Dubai wedding ideasΒ Dubai wedding ideas


A great wedding can quickly go downhill if the guests lambast the food. Ensure the quality of the palate by booking with a reputable catering company in Dubai and learning about the latest catering trends in the region. Themed foods can turn into a sensation amongst your guests – don’t be surprised to find your gorgeous buffet table going viral on the internet after the reception!

Dubai wedding ideasΒ Dubai wedding ideas


It’s not a wedding if you and your guests are the only ones dressed for the occasion. Decor is vital for a beautiful arrangement but you can do better than just flowers. Think out of the box with unique floral and ornamented hangings, or work with colours you won’t find at typical weddings. Blue and green are relaxing while gold and silver add a touch of elegance. Get in touch with a Dubai catering service that also handles decor and arrangement.

Dubai wedding ideasΒ Dubai wedding ideas


You don’t want to fumble around when you walk down the aisle or disappear into the shadows in your photos! Lighting is key so don’t be shy to try out beautiful lighting arrangements. Chandeliers add an elegant touch but you can also go for a canopy of fairy lights and hanging lamps to make it feel as if you’re right under the stars.

Dubai wedding ideasΒ Dubai wedding ideas


Half the magic is in the pictures which means you have to take extra care in taking the perfect photos. Hire a professional photographerΒ in the UAE to capture the most beautiful moments of your big day. Location shots at Dubai’s most renowned and scenic landmarks are sure to make your photo album one of your most cherished possessions. You can also ask your photo studio in Dubai to set up some creative backgrounds for your wedding or anniversary photo shoot.Β 

Dubai wedding ideasΒ Dubai wedding ideas

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