A Complete Guide to Living in Dubai Marina

living in Dubai Marina

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Now that all the moving part has been taken care of, let’s have a deeper look into what awaits you in Dubai Marina. Highlighting both the pros and cons, we’re here with a complete guide of what you should be expecting in the area you’re about to call home.

Advantages of Living in Dubai Marina

Leisure Activities in Dubai Marina

A full-on happening neighborhood that has all sorts of activities for all age groups. Ranging from shopping, eating, outdoor excursions, you can get everything and anything in the vicinity. 

Housing the Dubai Marina Mall, the place has all kinds of retail brands, both luxury and otherwise, where you can fulfill your shopaholic instincts under a single roof.

When you get hungry after a good retail therapy, you can either munch on something in the mall’s food court or simply fine-dine in a wide variety of eateries available onsite. Offering cuisines from around the world, Mexican, Japanese, Asian, and whatnot, the place gives you a taste of almost every country.

Apart from these restaurants, there are several bars and clubs too in the area including Toro Toro and Buddha Bar. So if you’re planning to go all tipsy and dance your heart out, this is the place for you.

The party doesn’t end here! Once you’re done with all the shopping and eating, you must be interested in some other leisure shenanigans as well. And so, offering activities like jet-skiing, paddle boarding, flyboarding, cycling, and much more, the place propels you to unravel the adventurous side in you.

Schools and Other Amenities

Apart from the usual eating, shopping, and playing, the Marina houses several nurseries too. Some prominent ones include Raffles Nursery and Willow Children’s Nursery. So, if you are soon-to-be parents or have toddlers, you need not worry at least for a couple of years.

The area also houses various grocery stores, both big and small, a few pharmacies, gyms, banks, salons, spas, and whatnot. You name it, and you’ll get it in the swankiest of neighborhoods.

Family Friendly

Offering everything you can possibly imagine, the high-rise residential buildings are home to well-ventilated spacious apartments. Not only that, if you’re a family of more, you can opt for buying or renting out a villa too. All the housing towers and villas in the area offer contemporary living for both kids and adults.

The breathtaking skyline and the turquoise-hued waterfront views look so relaxing after an oh-so tiring day! So if you want to up your game a bit, think no more and just shift!

Dubai Marina’s Outlook

With an eye-opening view of the skyscrapers and the glistening waterfront, the place is soul food for all those beach-loving individuals. The rhythmic sound of the waves alongside the Dubai Marina Walk works nothing less than therapy after a hustling day at work. The glimmering yachts at night cruising up and down the sea is a sight to behold.

Easy Access

Located at the heart of Dubai, Marina connects to one of the most used highways of the city, the Sheikh Zayed Road. Not only that, but it also has pretty close access to two Dubai Metro stations and the Dubai Tram. So even if you don’t own a vehicle, you will not have any difficulty in commuting to and from places. 

More so, the JBR beach is also only a few steps away from the residential area of Marina. So whenever you’re feeling low, just take a quick dip in the sea or just a stroll along the coast.

With the Blue Waters Island and Palm Jumeirah being only a few minutes’ drive from the neighborhood, it makes the place all the more worthy of settling in.

Disadvantages of Living in Dubai Marina

Heavy Traffic

Being one of the most popular tourist attractions, Dubai Marina is mostly buzzing with people, especially during peak hours. Being at the center of the city, the roads are fully packed on weekends, public holidays, and during school hours.

So if you’re planning to commute out of the vicinity during the above-mentioned times, schedule your travel accordingly to avoid any unnecessary mishaps.

Not too Pet-Friendly

Most of the buildings and landlords do not allow pets within the premises. However, if you own a pet animal and want it to move in with you, do confirm with the concerned authorities beforehand to avoid inconvenience later on.

No Schools in Dubai Marina

There aren’t many schools within Marina apart from some nurseries. However, there is a plethora of them only a few meters away from the neighborhood.

To name a few, Emirates International School, Dubai British School, and Gems Wellington Academy are located just a few minutes’ drive from the residential area. Also, most of these institutions provide a bus service, so there’s nothing that should hold you back from making your much-awaited move.

Final Takeaway 

Now that we’ve given you a full overview of what living in Dubai Marina will be like, now is the time to make your much-anticipated move without any further ado. Brimming with all sorts of leisure activities, living here is nothing less than a vacation. So hurry up and get moving already!

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