All You Need to Know About Living in Buhaira, Sharjah

living in Buhaira Sharjah

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Now that we’ve taken care of all your moving-related worries, let us get to the real business. Before entering the world of Buhaira, you must know the place in its entirety. And so, we’re here with a list of things you need to know about living in the most happening neighborhood of Sharjah built around the city’s Khalid Lake.

Advantages of living in Buhaira, Sharjah

Recreational Activities

Popular amongst investors, tourists, and residents, Buhaira is one of the most β€˜it’ neighborhoods in Sharjah. Offering all kinds of recreational activities including shopping, dining, and other adventurous stuff, the place is a world in itself.

One of the most prominent buildings in the area is the Al Buhaira Tower. Housing both residential and commercial outlets, the vertically elongated building offers top-notch facilities to both residents and visitors. 

Other than this, there are many other residential and commercial towers in the vicinity covering the piece of land alongside the lake, including Emirates Sail Tower, Ameer Bu Khamseen Tower, and Sarab Tower.

Al Noor Island is another destination to look out for when in the area. A treat to sore eyes for all the nature-loving enthusiasts, the island is clothed in luxuriance. From a butterfly house to artistic landscapes, the place is painted β€˜green’ all over.

Apart from this, Al Majaz Park is also present here, giving an astounding view of the waterfront. People often come here to relax and spend some quality time with their families. It also has a cycling facility available. Covering the Khalid Lagoon, the cycling track is ideal for all those crazy bike riders. You can either bring your own or rent one from the bike rental service in the park.

Strategic Location

With only a 20-minutes drive from Sharjah International Airport, Buhaira is quite close to the mainland. City Centre Sharjah is also only a few minutes away from the town, along with all the famous beaches resting in the cultural capital of the UAE.

Scenic View

In addition to the magnificent skyscrapers encompassing Khalid Lake, the water views are also something that people come for from nearby sites. You will often see individuals jogging across the belt of the waterfront.

Moreover, a beautiful Ottoman-style mosque also rests in the area along with some other religious temples.

Schools and Medical Facilities 

If you have school-going kids moving along with you, you need not worry! The place has everything educational an individual requires. From schools, colleges to universities, the place allows your kids to stay with you at least until graduation.

Some of the preschools in the area include Bluebells Nursery, Flamingo Nursery and Baby First Nursery. Two of the prominent schools offering primary and secondary education in the premises are Al Mazaya Private School and the American School of Creative Science. 

Apart from these, the area also caters to those who are looking to get higher education. With around 12 minutes away from the corniche, Middle East Research Academy for Consultancy and Learning Centre and Lincoln University of Business and Management lie pretty close to Buhaira.

The place also offers top-class medical facilities at clinics and hospitals that it houses. Some of the notable clinics include Aster, Bissan, and Al Hayat.

Public Transportation

Being close to Al Wahda street highway, the town is easily connected to the two emirates, Dubai and Ajman. This makes it easy for tourists and residents to commute through public transport as multiple buses and taxis frequently go through the route.

Disadvantages of living in Buhaira, Sharjah

Not too calm

Buhaira is buzzing with people almost all the time. With its state-of-the-art recreational activities, the corniche is crammed with people of all sorts. Therefore, if you’re in search of a soothing environment, this community is not the place for you.

Heavy Traffic

Because the place is a tourist attraction for people all across Sharjah and elsewhere, heavy traffic is what you’ll get in the area, especially when there’s an event happening around. This may cause a problem for you if you want to commute to the mainland for work purposes or otherwise. However, the issue might not occur if you work your time accordingly.

Final Takeaway 

Now that you have all the necessary information about the place you’re about to move to, you must be enthralled to make your move to Buhaira. Be it entertainment or vocation, the place has everything and anything for people of all age groups. The all-encompassing corniche is a great place to stay with your family and loved ones.

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