How to Avoid Fraudulent Shipping Companies in the Dubai

International moving companies in the UAE

Moving scams are unfortunately common. ServiceMarket, in partnership with Interem, brings you tips on how to avoid fraudulent international movers. Remember to follow these tips when you are about to sign up for the services of an international shipping company in Dubai.

Google is your best friend

Look up the shipping company on Google. Thorough research is the only way you can be sure of the reliability of any company that you pick for any service. Don’t be fooled by a great looking website and a nice voice over the phone. Read the customer reviews, but with a grain of salt since online reviews can be fake. Search the company on Google with the words β€˜scam’ and β€˜fraud’. A fraudulent company might have had its license revoked and/or it might be lying about having international accreditation. If you end up finding a lot of negative things about the company, it is probably best to go with another one.

Be wary of low freight rates

Don’t sign up for the services of a shipping company in Dubai because of a low freight rate. If you have a bunch of companies shortlisted and one of them is offering a much lower rate than the rest, it is a really bad idea to go with it. If a freight rate seems too good to be true then it probably is. Let customer feedback, your interaction with the shipping company’s agent and customer service, and the amount of time the company has been in business be the deciding factors alongside the freight rate.

Don’t pay all the money upfront

This one is probably a no brainer but we just had to mention it. Don’t pay the charges upfront. While it is okay for a shipping company in Dubai to ask you for an advance payment, it is always a fraction of the total cost. If a Dubai shipping company asks you for the full payment, especially in cash, you should just walk away and choose another one.

Check for experience

You need to find out how long the shipping company has been in business. While some companies may list multiple services, they might just have experience with a few. Find out if the relocation company in Dubai has ample experience shipping cars, for example, before you decide to use their services to ship your car to Europe. Some companies skirt bad reviews and a history of bad service by simply changing their business name. This can be difficult to spot but a company with a history of moves and a local address is a better choice than one that looks absolutely new or has listed a residential home as its local office address.

Get everything in writing

Get everything in writing including quotes and extra fees and keep track of all the paperwork. If worse comes to worst, you will have everything you need to take action. Never accept quotes over the phone, don’t sign anything without reading it properly, don’t pay in cash and don’t lose any receipts. This way you can also avoid any surprises in terms of hidden charges. This is doubly important if you are getting your belongings insured from the shipping company. All your belongings need to be properly listed before being shipped off. Remember that you can’t file a claim for something that doesn’t appear on your contract.

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