Breakdown of Quotes from Relocation Companies in Dubai

Relocation companies in Dubai

Planning on moving from Dubai to the United States of America? Your first step should be browsing through ServiceMarket for relocation services in Dubai. You will find several quotes for highly qualified companies to internationally move your belongings. But what is that quote actually covering? Sometimes they might include extra services that you don’t need, and in some cases, the services you require aren’t included. Interem, in partnership with ServiceMarket, brings you a breakdown of the quotes you will be receiving as you plan your relocation.

Amount of Belongings

A major cost that’s a part of your quote from a relocation company depends on the number of belongings you want to move. If you’re moving permanently, the chances are you’ll have significant pieces of furniture, clothes for all seasons, and personal belongings for all your family members to think about. The more items you want to ship, the higher the overall cost of the relocation. Why not go through your items and give things you don’t need away to the less fortunate? You would have contributed to society and lessened the overall volume and weight of your belongings. Once you get an appointment from a shipping company in Dubai, they will come and survey your belongings before giving you a quote.

Packing and Unpacking

There are some international movers who only provide a packing service. While others, such a Interem, provide settling-in services as well. You can decide if you need someone to unpack and help hang things like picture frames and curtains. Be sure to tell the representative of the shipping company your plans so they can prepare a quote to cover all the services you need. Make sure the unpacking service is not included in the quote if you don’t need it as it would increase the total cost of the move.

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Stair Charge

Some relocation companies will charge you for the number of floors they have to manage to move your belongings, especially if there’s no elevator. Sometimes you get charged even if you do have an elevator since the big furniture pieces won’t fit in there, meaning the movers will have to carry heavy items down the stairs. Try to strike a deal with your landlord to sell the big furniture pieces and keep them in your old apartment or home. That way, you can buy brand new items in your new house and a new tenant moving in won’t have to carry up their own pieces.

Part-Time and Full-Time

If the quote you receive says that the employees at the international moving company are part-time or work on contract, that might lessen the overall cost because the company isn’t hiring full-time employees, meaning it’s less costly for them. However, there are cases where the part-timers aren’t reliable and you might also find yourself with less packers than the job needs on moving day. It might be worth paying a little extra to guarantee that the job is done right and there are no delays. It’s also worth noting that full-time movers in Dubai do have more experience and training than part-timers as they have been on more jobs and have gained enough knowledge to handle any challenge or issue that comes their way.

Peak Season

When you’re asking for a quote from a shipping company, keep in mind that their prices will increase exponentially if it is peak relocation season. For example, people tend to move countries during the last few weeks of summer. The demand is a lot higher especially before school starts, so if you do have the flexibility, opt to travel earlier in the year or later. You’ll save a good amount of money, which can be gratifying given all the other expenses you will have to cover during the move.

When In Doubt, Ask!

There’s no shame in asking the relocation experts to explain each and every service on their quote. It’s your right as a consumer to know what you’re paying for and what you can live without. If a company representative isn’t able to or doesn’t want to answer all your questions, pick another one. Only fraudulent shipping companies won’t have all the answers or have something to hide. If you can move during off-peak seasons, notify them. If you don’t have that many items, they shouldn’t price you high amounts. Give yourself peace of mind and voice all your concerns and you’ll eventually come to an agreement you’re comfortable with before moving day.

Interem, an FAIM ISO Certified Removal Company, is a leader in providing relocation services with tailored solutions. It delivers domestic and international moving and relocation services to employees, expatriates, diplomats and other private customers. Whether it is assisting you to relocate to another location, moving your art or heirloom, securing confidential data or keeping your goods safe and away from weathering conditions, Interem has been at the forefront of delivering its objectives keeping its clients interests and concerns a top priority.

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