UAE National Day: Ultimate Party Checklist

Ideas for UAE National Day party

With UAE National Day just around the corner, many families are already planning a host of activities. There’s a lot you can do and visit, including watching fireworks and going to festivals that will be taking place across the UAE, but you can also give a personal touch to the celebrations by hosting a dinner for your friends and family. The catering experts at ServiceMarket, the UAE’s leading online marketplace for home services, have put together this checklist to help you make your party memorable.  

Pick a venue with a view of fireworks 

First of all, check if fireworks on UAE National Day will be visible from the balcony or garden of your home. Fireworks can be watched at La Mer, Al Seef, The Beach, The Pointe, and Global Village. You can also consider booking an outdoor venue with a view of fireworks. It’s an easy way to make your party more dazzling. After all, everyone looks forward to watching fireworks, and this way your guests will get a chance to do so while attending your party.   

Invitation lists really matter 

There are multiple reasons for why you should start the process of throwing a party by making and finalizing the invitation list. It’s never a good idea to send out invitations in haste at the last moment as you might forget to invite someone. Having a guest list at least a few days before the event will also help you estimate the budget accurately and pick a suitable venue. What’s more, knowing the exact number of adults and children will make it easier for you to decide the menu and plan activities.  

Serve Emirati dishes

Be sure to leave a lasting impression with an amazing menu. Since you are throwing a UAE National Day party, consider serving Emirati dishes. There are many delicious dishes to choose from, including Majboos, Madroob, Al-Jabab bread, Jami, Ayish, and Markouka. You can also pick local desserts like Khanfroush and Bathieth.Β 

Decorate with the UAE colors

It goes without saying that decorations can make your party more spectacular. From decorating your venue with the UAE flag to putting up red, green and white fairy lights, there’s a lot you can do to customize your decorations for UAE National Day. You can also pick decorations like balloons and ribbons that have the same colors as the UAE flag.  

Pick the right caterers 

The food you serve plays a big role in making any party memorable, so make sure your catering company in Dubai has the expertise to handle your menu and requirements properly. Check with your caterers to see if they specialize in preparing Emirati dishes. You can also hire waiters to serve food and drinks and ask your caterer to set up live stations. If any of your guests are vegetarian or have allergies to particular types of food, share these details with your caterer so that they can prepare food for them accordingly. 

Keep your guests entertained 

Besides arranging a viewing of fireworks, you can also take other steps to make sure that your guests remain entertained. You can play Emirati music or even hire someone to perform live music. Another great way to keep your guests entertained is to host games. For example, you can ask questions related to the history and culture of the UAE and give out prizes to those who answer correctly. Hiring a professional photographer or setting up a photo booth is also a great option. 

Hand out party bags

To make sure that the memory of your party remains fresh in the minds of your guests for a long time, consider handing out party bags. You can fill the party bag with items like key chains, t-shirts, stickers, badges, and pens that have been customized for UAE National Day.

Throwing a party involves a lot of work and you might feel overwhelmed if you do everything yourself. So, try to get as much help as possible to make sure you can also enjoy the event. You can easily find and book a wide variety of professional home services online through ServiceMarket. For example, you can book cleaning services in Dubai to make sure your home is clean and shiny before the guests arrive and hire caterers to prepare and serve the food.  

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