How Can You Ensure That You Have Clean Drinking Water in Dubai

Water supplied by DEWA is considered safe for drinking. Any contamination that happens takes place at the end point i.e. the water storage tanks. ServiceMarket previously brought you reasons why periodic water storage tank cleaning is essential, now we bring you points you need to consider before hiring a Dubai water tank cleaning company for the removal of accumulated sludge and biogrowth. The best way to ensure that your water storage tank is cleaned properly is to hire the right people to clean it for you.

Does the cleaning company have a valid license?

Shortlist water tank cleaning companies that have a valid license from the Dubai Municipality to clean water storage tanks. This is because the procedure for water tank cleaning is complex. It doesn’t just involve cleaning and disinfection. A licensed company will follow the regulations set out by the government to carry out the task. These include use of approved cleaning and disinfection chemicals, having qualified and trained staff and proper equipment. Steps involved in the cleaning of a water storage tank include:

  1. Initial survey and EHS risk assessment
  2. Inspection
  3. Cleaning and disinfection
  4. Testing and sampling

Does the cleaning company have trained and qualified professionals?

Qualified professionals, namely inspector, water sampler, cleaner, cleaning supervisor and EHS officer, are needed at every step of the water storage tank cleaning process. Besides the required qualifications, cleaning company should ensure proper training for employees. Proper training means that the employees are trained by a licensed and registered training provider and are familiar with all the regulations and guidelines related to water storage tank cleaning in Dubai.

Does the cleaning company have the proper equipment?

The cleaning company that you choose should have the appropriate equipment to carry out inspection, cleaning and maintenance tasks for water storage tanks. Equipment most commonly used to clean a water storage tank include:

Wet/dry vacuum pumps

Sump pumps



Portable ventilators

Gas masks

Protective clothing


Chemical spray cans


Scaffolding with platforms


High pressure jets

Getting access to and cleaning water storage tanks is a difficult and dangerous job especially because the inside of a tank is a confined space with little ventilation. Chemicals used for cleaning can give off dangerous gases. Therefore, it is not recommended that you clean your water storage tank yourself. It is best to hire a professional tank cleaning service.

Does the cleaning company have experience?

The last thing you need to consider is how long the water tank cleaning company has been in business. Look up its website online and read customer reviews to ensure that the company has ample experience in the field and will carry out the cleaning task thoroughly and efficiently.

To make sure that your tap water is fit for drinking, cooking and any other everyday use, make sure that you employ a qualified tank cleaning service and get your tank cleaned following the recommended schedule. If you are looking for licensed water tank cleaning companies in Dubai, ServiceMarket is the place for you.

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