A Must-Have Checklist for the Babysitter

Are you wondering what the next step are after you hire a babysitter in Dubai is or are just hoping that the babysitter will be like a fairy Godmother who knows exactly what to do as soon as she gets to your house? Believe us, we all wish for a fairy Godmother, but it is always best to plan ahead, which is why ServiceMarket has prepared this comprehensive checklist for your babysitter in Dubai.

Why does the sitter need a checklist

While there are things you need to do before you leave the new babysitter with the kids, if you are like most parents, you will probably forget a few of those when you are rushing out the door to catch a new movie. Therefore, it is best to leave some notes for the babysitter. We have created a handy little checklist for you to print out and fill for the nanny so that she has all your instructions on hand when she is taking care of your kid.

A checklist for the nurse

Such notes for the babysitter are especially important if your child has any allergies or needs medication during the day. The checklist provides a section for you to list this information. If you have a newborn or a child with special needs, you should consider hiring a registered nurse and providing more detailed notes for her. ServiceMarket will soon be offering booking options for nurses in Dubai.

Things the sitter must know

A babysitter should always know who to call in case of an emergency. Besides the number for emergency services in Dubai, you should provide her backup numbers in case you can’t be reached. These can be of a trusted relative, friend and neighbor. It is also good to leave the nanny with the pediatrician’s contact information, along with your child’s insurance details. As a parent you are always prepared for all eventualities and so should the new babysitter.

What are the house rules

Children adjust to new caregivers better if their routines are maintained. If you want your child to get along with the new babysitter, it is essential that you inform your babysitter of the eating, sleeping and play schedule that is followed in your house. The ServiceMarket checklist also has a section where you can list the food and drinks your child is allowed to have.

Show your appreciation

Babysitters now-a-days expect a certain level of amenities from their clients. One of the perks of being a sitter is to have access to snacks and WiFi in the house. So if you want to prevent your sitter from quitting unexpectedly, tell her she is welcome to snacks in the fridge and give her the WiFi password.

Additional notes

You can leave specific instructions in the babysitter notes on how to calm your child and even mention his/her favorite toys and characters. This will make the job of the babysitter easier and help your kid with the transition.

Download the ServiceMarket checklist for babysitters.

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