Cost of Living Comparison: Doha vs Dubai

Cost of Living Comparison: Doha vs Dubai

If you’re thinking of moving to a new city and want to choose between Dubai and Doha, there are a few things you need to consider. The city you choose to live in should be the city that fits better with your lifestyle. Moreover, it should be a city you can actually afford. The similarities between these cities begin to diverge when we look at the cost of living. ServiceMarket has compiled a cost of living comparison between Dubai and Doha.

Earnings and purchasing power

Average earnings in Dubai are higher compared to Doha. What’s more, in terms of purchasing power, Dubai ranks 14th, while Doha ranks 19th.


The cost of housing varies between different neighborhoods in both Doha and Dubai. However, on average, it costs around 7% more to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Dubai than it does in Doha. Buying an apartment, on the other hand, is around 30% more expensive per square foot in Doha.

Utilities and Internet

There is a significant difference between the cost of utilities, such as heating, water electrical, and internet, between the two cities. Basic utilities in Dubai cost about 65% more than in Doha, while the internet costs about 8 percent less in Doha than in Dubai.


In general, transportation costs less in Doha due to lower fuel charges. From January to April, the average cost of fuel in Doha was 1.66 AED per litre while it was 1.95 AED per litre in Dubai. However, Dubai has a very efficient public transport system that can help you save a lot of money.


Food usually has a significant impact on our wallets. Therefore, the cost of living comparison between Dubai and Doha should also take grocery prices into account. While there are a few items that cost more in Doha, most of the groceries in Dubai are more expensive.

Entertainment and Leisure

Restaurants and other fast food options are generally more expensive in Dubai compared to Doha. Surprisingly, fitness clubs and gyms are significantly cheaper in Dubai than they are in Doha.

In conclusion, living in Dubai can be more expensive than living in Doha, but Dubai offsets this by providing a higher purchasing power. As you choose between the cities, consider how much savings you already have, your future financial goals, the size of your family, whether or not you will have more children, and even what transportation you would prefer to use in the city. Be realistic about the type of lifestyle you want to live and make your decision based on smart calculations.

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