Cost of IV Drip at Home in Abu Dhabi

get IV drip therapy at home in Abu Dhabi

When it comes to receiving medical treatments at home, the cost is an important consideration. In Abu Dhabi, the provision of receiving an IV drip at home has increased for its convenience and personalized care. However, if you plan to get IV drip therapy at home in Abu Dhabi, understanding the factors that contribute to the cost of IV drip treatments is crucial before proceeding with it.Β 

Factors such as treatment requirements, medications and supplies, monitoring and follow-up, and additional services, all play a role in determining the overall cost.Β 

Cost of IV Drips

IV drip treatments in Abu Dhabi can be an affordable option for those seeking hydration or vitamin boosts, with prices starting at around AED 399.

Type of IV DripCost
Women’s Multivitamin DripAED 599
Vitamin C DripAED 449
Vitamin B DripAED 449
Vitamin D DripAED 399
Immunity Support DripAED 599
Liver DetoxAED 499
Hangover TreatmentAED 499
Anti Hair Loss DripAED 599
Skin Glow DripAED 499
Anti Aging DripAED 649
Weight Loss DripAED 599

Factors Affecting the Cost of IV Drip

There are various factors that could contribute to the total cost of getting an IV drip at home.

Type of Treatment

IV drips are administered for different purposes, such as hydration, nutritional support, vitamin infusion, or medication administration. The type of treatment prescribed by the healthcare professional will directly influence the overall cost.

Medications and Supplies

Another significant component of the cost is the medication and supplies required for the IV drip. These include the IV fluids, specialized medications, infusion sets, IV catheters, and other necessary materials. 

The price of these supplies can vary depending on the specific treatment and the quantity needed. Moreover, the cost might also be influenced by factors such as market fluctuations, manufacturer prices, and quality standards.

Healthcare Professional’s Fees

When receiving an IV drip at home in Abu Dhabi, a qualified healthcare professional, such as a registered nurse or a doctor, will be responsible for administering the treatment. Their expertise and time are valuable, and their fees are an integral part of the overall cost. The charges for the healthcare professional’s services may vary based on factors such as experience, qualifications, and the duration of the IV therapy session.

Transportation and Logistics

In-home healthcare services, including IV drip treatments, often include transportation and logistical arrangements. These services ensure that the necessary medical equipment and healthcare professionals are available at the patient’s location. The cost may encompass factors such as travel expenses, transportation of medical supplies, and the additional time required for healthcare professionals to reach the patient’s home.

Monitoring and Follow-up

After administering the treatment, healthcare providers may need to monitor the patient’s progress, assess vital signs, and ensure the treatment’s effectiveness. These follow-up visits or virtual consultations might incur additional charges, contributing to the overall cost.

Duration and Frequency of Treatment

Some patients may require shorter treatment durations, while others may require more prolonged or regular sessions. The total number of sessions and the duration of each session will impact the final cost, as it affects the amount of medication, supplies, and healthcare professional time required.

Additional Services

Depending on the provider and the specific needs of the patient, additional services may be offered alongside the IV drip treatment. These services could include laboratory tests, pre- and post-treatment assessments, or consultations with specialists. While these services can enhance the overall treatment experience, they may also contribute to the cost.


While the cost of IV drip at home in Abu Dhabi may be higher compared to receiving the treatment at a medical facility, the convenience and comfort of receiving medical care in a familiar environment is incomparable. If you or your family member is looking to get it, you should carefully assess your needs. It is essential to consult with your physician to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective option. Also, it must be prescribed and administered by a licensed healthcare provider.

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Get IV drip therapy at home in Abu Dhabi

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