Decor Tips for a Minimalist Interior

Did you know that minimalist interiors are inspired from the Japanese Zen philosophy of simplicity? Stress levels get reduced if we live in open, breathable and decluttered spaces. We all know that we could do with a little less stress in our lives! Therefore, as the decor experts at ServiceMarket, we are ready to throw our lot in with minimalist designers the world over. Here are some tips to help you make the switch to a minimalist interior:

White and friends

White plays a huge role in the minimalist decor style. Why so you ask? The zen feel of this decor style comes from a space feeling open and light, and white is perfect for the job. Other colors that are also used include greys, neutrals and black. A good example is the dining corner in the photograph. We absolutely love the black lamps over the table.

While we know that painting your interior walls white sounds bland, trust us, it looks quite fantastic when combined with the right furniture and window curtains. To warm the white a bit, you can use natural light. Sheer curtains, drapes opened with tie backs, or window blinds work well with this interior decor. If the white is of a warmer tone, artificial light will be just fine.

It’s all about the quality

While minimalist decor is heavy on the pocket, the expense will be the kind you make once in a lifetime. This style demands well made furniture and bathroom fixtures that are simple yet exquisite and can stand the test of time. Perfect lines that catch and satisfy the eye is a another feature that can be observed in minimalist interiors. The criteria for your purchase should be its ability to stand on its own without embellishment. The floating wooden vanity with a marble top is an excellent example of a high quality purchase in a minimalist bathroom.

Less is more

‘Less is more’ is the principle all minimalist fans swear by. The goal is to avoid excess. Could you meditate comfortably in a crowded room with furniture and art pieces? No, right? The same principle applies here. Minimalist designers firmly believe that each piece that you purchase deserves attention. A minimalist decor provides you the perfect opportunity to showcase each piece by only allowing a few per room. Just because a room could fit ten pieces doesn’t mean it has to.

In a minimalist abode, even the walls and floor stand out as all distractions are minimized. Therefore, it is important to regularly touch up your interior walls and maintain the floors. You could also purchase a beautiful rug in a neutral shade to provide some texture to the room.

Artful placement

A minimalist interior is all about thoughtfully placed pieces. The furniture and art arrangement in each room should let the pieces complement each other. If one piece seems to overwhelm another, you should rethink its location and perhaps remove it altogether. Also, thinking about placement will help you avoid overcrowding and clutter. Give every single thing in your home a specific location, and then make sure that it is always placed back after use. This applies to everything from furniture to cutlery to books.

Showcase your personality

Are you worried about your space losing it’s ability to define you as you make the transition to minimalism? Don’t worry. The best part about minimalist decor is that you can showcase your personality quite well. A single piece that you introduce in a room can tell a visitor all about you. You could do this through an amazing art piece, a beautifully crafted lamp, a unique curtain style, etc. A window curtain heading style common in minimalist interiors is the grommet. A more contemporary look can be achieved by installing venetian blinds.

We absolutely love the gigantic mirror in the the white and grey bedroom. Don’t you think it tells you a lot about the owner’s personality?

Some like it colorful

Think you would like some color? You won’t mess up the minimalist decor if you opt for some. We don’t expect you to go monastic. Besides a striking piece of furniture or art, feel free to provide a splash of color to any minimalist room. The key is to not overdo it. The colored piece deserves its own space and attention. So go ahead and get a colorful rug or a bright throw for your minimalist home. We were quite inspired to see the yellow cushion and woven stool in the grey and white living room. The decor looks absolutely fantastic!

You could even hang up curtains in a primary color in an otherwise monochromatic room. Imagine the same grey and white living room with drawn back yellow curtains minus the other yellow pieces. The contrast would be exquisitely eye catching.

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