5 Amazing Dubai Wedding Video Concepts

Dubai Wedding Video Concepts

Every soon-to-be-wedded couple would like to stand out from the others in some way or another. Whether be it creating an exciting wedding ceremony like it’s been plucked out of fantasy, or making a wedding video that can give your favourite television shows a run for their money. We’ve already covered how to hold a memorable wedding event, so let’s move on to Phase 2: shooting an amazing Dubai wedding video.

The Documentary

Kids have a crazy imagination. We used to be the same when we pretended to shoot a documentary of our parents and siblings in their β€œnatural habitat” while narrating our observations to an invisible audience. Well why not bring a little of that wonder and intrigue in our wedding videography? Think a David Attenborough-esque presentation called β€œPlanet Wedding Bells” (it’s a tentative title, we’re working on it). Or maybe go the Modern Family approach with hilarious interviews of the bride and groom, their family members, friends and maybe a couple of cute shots of the family pet thrown into the mix.

The Countdown

Countdowns are an age-old tradition of adding hype to an already extraordinary event. Like when the clock is about to strike midnight on New Year’s Eve, or when a mission is about to be launched into space. Likewise, a wedding video that captures the moments, counting the hours, minutes and seconds leading up to the moment when the soon-to-be-wedded become officially wedded can add to the flavour and excitement of the moment. Trust us, like a typical episode of 24, a timer aligning all the important little things to create a build-up to the big moment will make every rewatch of your wedding fresh and thrilling.

The Bollywood Blockbuster

A wedding isn’t complete with a little song and dance – a slow waltz under soft lights, a piano singing a classy jazz tune. It all sounds so positively romantic but when you next play your wedding video and watch the dance drag on screen, you’ll find yourself skipping to the fun bits. Why not step up the game with a bollywood number? An upbeat tune, sparkling lights, thrilling dance moves and a slew of backup dancers appearing out of nowhere who somehow know the right steps (you’re going to have to get your guests to help you out with this, though). Get that masala magic in your Dubai wedding video!

The Alternative

If there’s a genre for every art form, there’s an β€œalternative” scene for it. We have alternative rock, alternative theatre and even alternative fashion. So why not bring the other end of the spectrum to the wedding video? Of course, we’re not proposing absurdism (let’s face it, only hipsters and college professors are into that) but a mix of 2D art, stop-motion animation and montages can make for an interesting and dynamic take on creating a wedding cinematic.

The Technical Marvel

Ever wondered what it’s like to see things from someone else’s perspective? Well of course, when we watch a movie or video, it’s usually like seeing things as an invisible entity standing amidst all the action and capturing every angle, expression, tone and colour around us. It’s no different than what traditional wedding videography is like. But for your own special day, you can make it completely out-of-the-box by recording segments with GoPros. GoPros offer a unique, personalized perspective, and with multiple perspectives you could have a very interesting first-person wedding video!

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