Everything You Need to Know About Artificial Grass in Dubai

Everything You Need to Know About Artificial Grass in Dubai

Your dream home is finally ready! The interior is done up and so is the exterior. But something is missing in the garden. It is that green tint which would take months to grow up. What would you do? If you ask any gardener in Dubai a solution for this problem the answer would be – artificial grass.

What is Artificial Grass? It is nothing but synthetic fiber made to look like natural grass. Originally used in sports arenas and in commercial buildings, artificial grass or fake grass is widely used today in residential gardens as well. Since it resembles carpet, any material that is used to make carpet like nylon, jute or polyester can be used to make artificial grass. High quality grass uses polyester tire cord for backing and nylon and polypropylene as the grass.

Benefits of artificial grass over real grass

There are lot of benefits of using artificial grass in Dubai over real grass – especially when we live in a place like the UAE.

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  • The summer in Dubai can be extreme where temperature crosses 50 degrees celsius. Even if watered twice or thrice a day, natural grass will not be able to survive Dubai summer. To conserve water (and reduce your DEWA bill), it is much more sustainable to invest in installing fake grass in your garden which would stay fresh throughout the year.
  • It is predicted that Dubai will face extreme water shortage by 2025, hence, water conservation is at the top of agenda for environmentalists. Artificial grass comes as a boon in such a scenario. With absolutely no usage of water, artificial grass helps in 100% conservation of this precious natural resource.
  • In order to maintain natural grass, periodical mowing is required. This calls for the use of lawn mowers that emit carbon thereby polluting the environment. With the use of artificial grass in Dubai environment pollution can be reduced to a considerable extent.
  • A lot of villas in Dubai have a swimming pool. Using artificial grass around the pool will do away with muddy areas, while keeping your backyard looking pristine.
  • If you have children at home, maintaining a good lawn can be very difficult. Due to constant usage of certain area of the garden, grass may not grow. A carefully laid out artificial grass can hide any irregularities in the lawn. You can seek the help of landscaping companies in Dubai to professionally patch up those areas.

How do you install artificial grass?

  1. At first, the surface where the grass needs to be installed should be leveled and all imperfections such as old grass and pebbles need to be removed. Walk over the area to make any loose soil compact.
  2. If the soil beneath absorbs water, there is no need for installing additional drainage. If the artificial grass is laid over concrete or cement floor then a drainage system should be installed before laying the grass. Since the rainfall in Dubai is less, a small drainage gap would be sufficient. Your plumber should be able to help you out in this.
  3. Install a border around the area of the proposed lawn so that the artificial grass do not get separated over time.
  4. Provide a base using crushed rock or gravel. Use a landscaping rake to smoothen out the base. Once the base is laid, moisten it using a garden hose and make it compact using a compactor.
  5. Roll out the artificial grass and measure and cut it in the required shape using a carpet cutter. Use an adhesive to join two strips of grass. Fix landscaping anchor pin around the perimeter of the lawn so that the grass stays on its place.
  6. Brush up the grass blades so that it stays erect. Water the lawn.

Installing artificial grass in Dubai takes a lot of time and expertise. Even though most of the products are available in the market, it takes a lot of time to lay it down in a way that it lasts for a long period of time. This is where professional companies come into theΒ picture. There are a lot of landscaping companies in Dubai that offer this service at reasonable rates. You can request a quote from them right here on our site, and they’ll even offer landscaping services so you’ll have your dream garden.

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