Feedback Forms for Your Babysitter in Dubai

Have you been wondering how the new babysitter is doing, but haven’t had a chance to get a report? We understand how hard it is to juggle all your responsibilities as you work full time. Previously, ServiceMarket created a comprehensive checklist for you to leave with the babysitter so she could follow your instructions to the letter and not have to check with you at every step. This time, we have designed feedback forms for you to leave with your babysitter in Dubai so you can sleep well at night knowing how your child’s day went while you were away. We say forms because we have created two:

Babysitter Feedback for 0-3 years

Have you got a beautiful infant that you terribly miss and fret about while you are at work? Receiving this filled form every time the babysitter leaves is sure to put your mind at ease. We have a section where the sitter can tell you about your baby’s milk/formula intake and the time of the feedings. Moveover, there is space for the sitter to mention the playtime activities for you to keep track of your child’s development. You can now also know why your baby is in a different set of clothes than when you left a few hours ago, as there is a place to mention reasons for a change of clothes. Were you curious if your baby was getting enough naps and diaper changes? Our form covers that too!

The babysitter can also worry less about what the parents must be thinking. She has space to mention everything she did to keep your baby comfortable. Our form has space for her to indicate the average mood of your infant so you can be prepared for a really fussy baby when you get home.

If the babysitter kept forgetting to mention that she was running out of wipes and you kept forgetting to stock up, now you will both have an opportunity to remember. Our feedback form has a section for the sitter to indicate things she needs to do her job properly. You can keep the form with you as a reminder for your shopping trip to the supermarket.

Lastly, the form has space for the babysitter to provide you any extra information that she deems necessary in the comments section.

Babysitter Feedback for 3+ years

Like the form for infants and toddlers, this form is pretty comprehensive as well. The babysitter will be able to inform you of your child’s eating habits by mentioning the food and drinks consumed daily. You can actually keep all the filled forms in a folder to maintain a food diary of sorts. If you were worried about how your child spends his or her day, our form has a section where the babysitter can mentions your child’s daily activities, including the duration for each. This way you can track your child’s screen, nap, reading and homework time and use the information to give specific instructions to the sitter.

If you are curious about how your kid’s day went, the form has a place for the sitter to indicate your child’s average mood for the day. You can also see when your child was put to bed to keep track of his or her sleep schedule. Like the first form, this one also has a space where your babysitter can indicate if she is out of something that is urgently needed and leave additional information about your child’s behavior in the comments section.

While these forms are sure to help, to ensure the comfort and safety of your child, you need to hire a person who is great at babysitting. To read reviews on babysitters in Dubai, head on to ServiceMarket.

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