How to Find the Best Movers and Packers in Jeddah

Movers and Packers in Jeddah

It seems like no matter how many times you do it, moving is always stressful! To ease the stress of the move and keep your belongings safe, you need to hire professional movers and packers in Jeddah who know exactly what they are doing. ServiceMarket provides you with the following tips to help you find the best movers in Jeddah.

Find vetted movers and packers online

These days you can easily search for moving companies in Jeddah using online marketplaces like ServiceMarket, which only lists vetted movers. What’s more, you can read reviews online, compare ratings and do comparison shopping. You can make the process much easier and have peace of mind by hiring a vetted mover and packer.   

Read customer reviews

The importance of reading online reviews from real customers cannot be stressed enough. Online reviews will tell you everything you need to know about the work ethic and professionalism of the company. More importantly, online reviews will let you know if you can trust this company with your belongings. You will be able to get a sense of their general abilities from the reviews. Furthermore, these reviews will help you detect moving companies that have a less than spectacular work history. 

Ask for recommendations

It is always a great idea to ask friends, family and coworkers for recommendations. Your expat friends probably know quite a bit about moving in Jeddah. If someone you know recommends a moving company, odds are they provide a professional service. Be sure to also ask if there are any companies your stay away from so you can save your time and energy when looking for the right company. But even after someone recommends a company to you, be sure to check their profile and customer reviews online. 

Make sure the movers are licensed and trained

You need to make sure the moving companies you’ve shortlisted are licensed to work in Jeddah. Don’t hesitate to ask them about it. You should also find out if their staff has been properly trained and can move your belongings safely. 

Compare multiple quotes 

Getting written quotes is very important. A written quote will prove to be useful in case you need to settle a dispute about any extra charges. An itemized written quote also allows you to compare specific services between movers to see who is offering the best deal. You’d be surprised by how much you can save by comparing quotes. 

Check out their customer service skills

You can tell a lot about a company by how their employees respond to your questions. When you call the company, are they polite and helpful? Odds are that their attitude while answering your questions will be the same, if not worse, later on. 

What services do the movers provide?

Not all moving companies offer the same services.  Before embarking on your search, know what services you will need. When you reach out to moving companies in Jeddah, ask if they provide these specific services and filter out the companies that don’t meet your exact requirements. 

You can easily find the best movers and packers in Jeddah through ServiceMarket, which only features vetted companies.Β 

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