How to Find a Photo Studio in Dubai

Photo Studio in Dubai

A professional photo studio can look like anything from a set out of an avant garde sci-fi movie to a neurotic artist’s chaotic room. But the wonders a photographer can make of their studio in order to render the perfect photographs is nothing short of magic. If you’re on the hunt for a photo studio in Dubai, then there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind that’ll help you along the way.

Decide what you want

The first step is always knowing what you want – that is, what kind of photographs you need taken at a photo studio. Is it a professional photograph that you need for your university application? A casual picture for a postcard? Or concept pictures for your acting or modelling portfolio? Different studios are equipped for different kinds of preferences, so you should know exactly what you need from your pictures before you start your search for the perfect Dubai photo studio.

Work with a budget

Depending on what you want, you can either spend a couple of hundred or several thousand dirhams when paying for a photoshoot at a professional studio. That’s because the prices vary from studio to studio, and the price will depend on how many photos you want, and the type of photos you are after. Decide on a budget early on and then look for studios that fit that window. To ease the pain of searching, you can get quotes from multiple Dubai photographers that are well within your price range on ServiceMarket.

Visit the studio

Say that you require special lighting or equipment for your photographs. Or you have a specific set in mind where you want your photograph to be taken. Or even if you’re just looking for good advice on how to plan your photoshoot. These things need to be arranged before the day of the photoshoot so it’ll do you good to pay a visit to the studio beforehand to make sure that they can deliver what you want of them.

Check out their portfolio

Not all photo studios specialize in all kinds of photography. Some are famous for their wedding photography while others are experts on portrait photography or family photos. Ask if the photo studio can show you the portfolios of their various photographers to see whether or not they have what it takes to capture your ideal photographs. Looking at their previous photos can also give you inspiration for your own shots. It might be the case that you love the studio’s setup but the photographer might not be qualified to handle your specific requests, so do go over their portfolios and pick a more experienced or better suited photographer.


It might be the case that you’ve settled on a photo studio in Dubai and even like the portfolios of the associated photographers. But so it happens that you don’t like the overall package that their offering. Sure they might be cheaper than most high-end studios, but they might not include other perks such as including post-processing and editing in the cost. Bring your A-game when it comes to negotiating a complete deal and make note of the little details in their proposed packages. Remember, you can compare quotes from multiple photographers on ServiceMarket.

Of course, you don’t have to get in the car and start looking for photo studios all over Dubai until you find the right one. You can do it all from the ease of your home with ServiceMarket! Visit the website to read reviews and get multiple free quotes from renowned and vetted professional photographers and photo studios in Dubai!

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