5 Beautiful Gardens to Inspire You to Get Your Dubai Garden Ready for Winter

Get Your Dubai Garden Ready for Winter

For us nature-lovers, our gardens are our special paradise. And when winter rolls around, nothing quite compares to wrapping yourself in a quilt, reclining in a garden chair and sipping some hot chocolate. Of course, an unkempt or boring little garden won’t help create such a serene mood. There are plenty of easy ways to create the ideal landscape for a winter respite, and ServiceMarket has compiled the perfect list for you:

Garden DΓ©cor

Get Your Dubai Garden Ready for Winter

While some might argue that flowering plants count as dΓ©cor for your garden, there’s plenty more that you can do. You can set about some porcelain figures, or create a stepping-stone walkway. But if you really want to make your garden stand out from the rest, come summer or winter, you can try out some really cute mini-garden terraria.

Zen Garden

Get Your Dubai Garden Ready for Winter

A Japanese-inspired sand garden will keep for both summers and winters, but it’s especially beautiful to look at in fall and winter. With falling leaves and the evergreen bushes, and perhaps even a small lily pond with some goldfish, you can make your garden your personal meditation space. Just make sure to pick plants that can survive and are easy to maintain in Dubai’s weather.


Get Your Dubai Garden Ready for Winter

A garden of evergreen bushes and shrubs can be made to look wonderful even in the cold. But for the ideal winter garden, you need to take some precautions when it’s blazing hot outside. Temperatures rarely go below 20℃ in the UAE, so you need to make sure to adequately water your plants and grass to keep them green and healthy all throughout the year. It’s best to hire a gardener who can get rid of pesky weeds, check for pests, trim your hedges and regularly water your garden when you’re too busy to take care of it yourself.

Vegetable garden

Get Your Dubai Garden Ready for Winter

Here’s an idea that’s both beautiful and practical – plant veggies like broccoli, lettuce and spring onions. These greens looks absolutely fantastic in the winter, and are cost-free ingredients for a quick salad or sandwich. You could also plant some lemon grass that you can add to a nice hot cup of tea!

Indoor garden

Get Your Dubai Garden Ready for Winter

If you live in an apartment and always wanted a garden, there’s no reason you can’t bring it into your home. Set about potted plants in your window sills, shelves, kitchen counter and bathroom for a greener look for your living space.

If you’re keen on these ideas but don’t know where to start, ServiceMarket has you covered. Find the right landscaping and garden maintenance company for you from our extensive list of renowned and vetted partners. Visit the site today to compare reviews and request free quotes from the best gardening companies in Dubai to help you create your ideal winter garden.

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