How to Prepare for a Headshot Photo Session

Headshot photo session at a photography studio in Dubai

Most professionals need a headshot, essentially a commercial portrait, at some point of their lives and the smart ones usually have a soft copy of it with them at all times. If you suddenly find yourself in need of a headshot and don’t have one on hand, it is time to book a headshot appointment at a photo studio in Dubai. A good headshot has staying power and can be used for a decade or two. Therefore, it is important to be well prepared for your headshot photo session. This guide by ServiceMarket will help you through the process.

Look at portfolios

It is a no brainer that you need to choose a good Dubai photographer for your session. So how do you go about doing this? While you can shortlist photographers by going through customer reviews, your final choice should be based on the photographer’s portfolio. The number of years someone has been in the field matters, but not as much as their quality of work. It is quite possible that there is someone new to the business who takes absolutely amazing headshots. So make your decision based on the work. Take your time to make your choice: there is no need to rush. Just remember, though, that quality will cost you. Yet, if its a good headshot, we guarantee that the price will be worth it. You will be able to use it for anything from company reports to press releases to your LinkedIn profile image.

Know what you want

There are different types of headshots and you need to know what you want before you book a photographer. Your choice will also depend on your designation and field of work. One of the most common corporate headshot styles is the vertical studio headshot on a white background. You could also go for the horizontal studio headshot or the peter hurley. If you want a softer look, a good choice is the environmental headshot. This is taken outside a studio and has a blurry background. In-the-field headshots are also gaining popularity. The background is still simple in this type since the focus will be on you, but it sheds light on your day-to-day working environment. Talk about what you want with the photographer of your choice during a pre-photo shoot consultation.

Decide your look

Your clothes are always a reflection of your personality so keep this in mind when going through your wardrobe as you decide your look for the photo shoot. You should plan your outfit in advance, instead of scrambling to throw an outfit together the day of the shoot. Always pick something you like wearing so that you are immediately comfortable in it. Moreover, pick at least two different looks: casual and professional for the session. Here at ServiceMarket, we believe that simpler is better. Pick solid colors, preferably in neutral tones, especially if this is going to be your corporate headshot. You can add layers and a splash of color with a dark tie or a colorful scarf. Make sure that everything is ironed and pressed. Remember that your shoes won’t matter so wearing something comfortable.Β 

To make sure that you don’t have a bad hair day the day of the photo session at the Dubai photo studio, you can book a hairstylist right before your shoot. Alternatively, take along a brush and some hairspray to deal with flyaways. Women should go for a natural look so keep the makeup minimal: just enough to cover blemishes. Men should shave right before they leave for the shoot. Remember to carry oil absorbing sheets to deal with any oil build up or sweat.


Everyone has a good side so stand before a mirror and find yours a couple of days before your photo shoot. You should also practice different expressions so you won’t feel like a deer caught in headlights when the photographer tries to get different expressions from you. Here are a few tips to look gorgeous in any photograph.

Before the shoot

Keep yourself well hydrated in the days leading up to your booking. Since you don’t want to be blurry eyed or have bags underneath your eyes on the day of the shoot, also get a good night’s rest. Pack a supply kit, which should include the oil absorbing sheets, lip balm, eye drops if you wear contacts and a hair brush. Women should also pack makeup for touch ups. You should also read this article on things most photographers dislike but won’t say, so that you know how to treat your photographer the right way.

During the shoot

As you go into the photo studio, tell yourself that the photographer knows best. Photographers really do know what they are doing, and now that you have picked one, you need to follow their directions completely.

Studio lights can get pretty hot so remember to drink water during the shoot and ask for breaks whenever you need them. You can also ask the photographer to put on some music if you aren’t getting comfortable with the camera. Music can have a relaxing effect.

Now that you know what steps you need to take to ensure that you end up with a great headshot, it is time to look up photographers and photo studios in Dubai. ServiceMarket is a great place to browse reviews and get free quotes from Dubai photo studios and photographers for your headshot photo session.

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