Why It’s Okay to Hire a Babysitter

Most new parents, especially moms, feel really guilty about asking for help with taking care of their child. Whether this involves asking a family member or friend to help, or hiring a babysitter or nanny, the guilt is real. ServiceMarket brings you reasons why mom guilt exists and why it is okay to hire a caregiver for your child, including benefits to you, your child and your marriage.

The reasons for mommy guilt

There are a number of reasons moms feel uncomfortable hiring a babysitter:

  • They are unsure about the level of care someone else would provide. These concerns can be addressed by doing a thorough background check and interview before choosing a babysitter and leaving clear guidelines of what you expect from the caregiver. ServiceMarket has some excellent babysitter instruction and feedback forms for you to leave with the sitter. This way you will have peace of mind before you head out the door.
  • Another reason moms feel reluctant to let someone else look after their child is because they are worried about missing a milestone. Yet it is a fact of life that parents can’t be there with their child every step of the way and it is good to work on separation anxiety by asking for help from someone else.
  • Lastly, many parents look at other families as examples on how to raise their kids. If a family you know isn’t hiring a babysitter in Dubai, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t as well. Each family has different needs. Perhaps the family that isn’t getting help needs it the most and is suffering because of it.

The benefits of hiring a babysitter

To you

  • Being a mother, whether as a housewife or as a working mom, is a full time job. And just like regular jobs as part of the workforce, you need a break to recharge. Otherwise, you might get tired and frustrated with your child unnecessarily and react negatively.
  • Hiring help will also positively impact your mental and physical health by taking off some of the workload from your shoulders. Some mothers end up feeling resentful of their home workload. You can avoid this by hiring a babysitter or a nanny.
  • You will be able to make time for other things that need attention around the house or in your life in Dubai.
  • If you are a working mom, it will also increase your productivity at work. Stress at home exacerbates stress at work and vice versa.
  • Getting help will also encourage feelings of gratefulness in your life. Research shows that people who feel gratitude sleep better, have better self esteem and experience less negative emotions. Here is a heart warming thank you letter by a mom to the babysitters who have helped rear her children with her.
  • It will help you live a fuller life that doesn’t just revolve around your kids. Your friends will thank you for finally being able to give them time. You might also be able to take time out for hobbies that you loved before you had kids.
  • You can avoid feeling guilty about asking friends or family members for help by hiring a babysitter or nanny in Dubai. Most moms who ask for favors end up feeling that there is a debt that they need to pay back. You can avoid this guilt by getting a paid caregiver for your child.

To your child

  • Interacting with other authority figures teaches your child to be independent. It also helps with separation anxiety in the long run. If your child isn’t school going yet, by the time he/she is, he/she will be familiar with you not being around all the time.
  • If your babysitter speaks another language, it would open a new world for your child. Children pick up new languages really fast and learning another language is excellent for their mental development.
  • A babysitter brings in skills and attributes that are different than yours. Your child will be able to experience new activities and learning styles because of this.
  • Many parents end up coping with the stress and workload at home by utilizing screen time to keep their children occupied. If you hire a babysitter or a nanny, you will be replacing screen time with a person who can take your child to parks and museums and engage in playtime activities.

To your marriage

  • Before couples have children, they spend more time together. After children, it becomes very hard to have time to work on their relationship. If you hire a babysitter, even if you do it only occasionally, you will get to have some getaway time together where you can focus on each other.
  • Couples also fight over who spends more time doing chores and taking care of the kids. Once you hire a babysitter, you won’t feel resentful towards your partner. There will be no more arguments about who does more. You can also consider getting a maid to help with chores around the house. If you decide to hire a nanny in Dubai, you have the option to hire a part time one.

To sum it up, just because you have a child or children, doesn’t mean you have to do it all. It is perfectly okay to want some time off from your children so that you can feel positive and balanced. If you feel good, you will be happier taking care of your children and appreciate the time you get to spend with them. If you need to find a caregiver for your child, head on to ServiceMarket to hire a babysitter in Dubai.

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