Handyman 101: Home Improvement Tasks You Should Never DIY

Even though there might be many benefits of DIY-ing, there are some tasks you should leave to your handyman as they might be tricky, dangerous or can lead to double the damage if done wrong. ServiceMarket suggests leaving the following tasks to professional maintenance companies in Dubai.

Electric Work

If the task is a simple one like replacing the bulb, we suggest that you go ahead with it without thinking twice. However, if the work is more complicated than that, you should call a licensed electrician right away, no matter how tempting it is to go the DIY route. If you deal with issues such as loose connections, a broken GFCI unit or fan installation yourself, not only are there chances that you will mess up, but you are also putting the life of you and your loved ones at the risk of a fire or electric shock. So, let someone with more experience than you handle electrical issues for you.

Plumbing works

Fixing a clog is something you can definitely do at home, but some problems may be more complicated than pouring a declogger down the drain. Going to your local hardware store and finding the right equipment might seem easy, but it can get much more complex once you start dismantling pipes. There are some instances when people have flooded their whole house with a single plumbing task gone majorly wrong. To avoid making such a huge mistake, find a good plumber in Dubai and keep them on your speed dial.

Roof repair

Working on a roof, especially if it is steep, is not an easy task even for trained professionals as there is a risk of major injuries. As easy as it might seem to the untrained eye, getting on such heights without proper equipment is a really bad idea. Moreover, we can’t imagine why you would want to try to DIY in Dubai’s weather. Call a professional right away whenever you need some work done on your roof.

Wall Removal

Looking to break down a wall for more space? Get in touch with a pro instead of taking a sledgehammer and trying it yourself. Breaking down a wall may seem like a simple enough task but you have no idea what might be coming after that. It can cause structural damage to your place and the money you had set aside for remodeling might end up being used up for repairs instead. Consider home remodeling as an investment and hire someone who knows what they are doing.

ServiceMarket strongly advises calling a professional to take care of home remodeling, repair and improvement tasks. Besides being a safer way to go about it, it will save you time and in most cases, money and stress down the road. If you’re looking to hire an expert, you can get free quotes from ServiceMarket from reputable maintenance companies in Dubai.

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