How Much Does a Maternity Nurse Cost in Dubai?

maternity nurse with baby in dubai

Are you expecting a baby soon and that too in Dubai? If you are, you might be looking for a reliable maternity nurse as well. Moreover, you’d also require a babysitter to assist you in the exhilarating journey that motherhood is.

Therefore, ServiceMarket is here again to your rescue. We have partnered with some of the most sought-after babysitting and nanny services companies in Dubai that also offer maternity nurse services if required.

The process of motherhood is daunting in itself. With all the physical and emotional changes a woman goes through while being pregnant she surely needs some extra help before, during, and after the birth of her child. And that is exactly what maternity nurses are for. They are experts in taking care of new mothers and their babies. Subsequently, they can also teach them the dynamics that go into taking care of a newborn. 

Who Is A Maternity Nurse?

Maternity nurses are postnatal caregivers experienced in babysitting newborns while teaching new parents how to look after them. These babysitters are well-acquainted with the motherly duties and help the new moms in every aspect of baby care. Be it suckling or bottle-feeding an infant, maternity nurses are well aware of the tactics to help you feed or care for your baby and give advice about the dos and don’ts of motherhood in Dubai.

They help you conduct all infant care duties, from nourishing and sleeping plans to advising about the usual newborn issues. The added babysitting duties include cleaning the nursery, supporting breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, and laundering the baby products.

You can hire a full-time maternity nurse to work seven days a week for the first eight weeks after the birth of your infant.

Why Should You Hire A Maternity Nurse?

Many surveys worldwide have revealed the level of comfort mothers feel in the presence of a nurse. Their experience in the field is a treat to new moms since they get a partner to share their burdens and talk with.

●      Plethora Of Knowledge And Experience

maternity nurse is the master of babysitting due to the pool of knowledge and experience she holds. She is a walking source of wisdom for the new mother as she steers through the introductory stages of motherhood.

Such nurses have cared for dozens of babies throughout their careers. Thus, they may be able to help you out with unforeseen challenges of baby care by giving important suggestions and advice.

●      Long Sleeping Hours For Mama

The dark circles you get during the postpartum period are primarily due to sleep deprivation.

A healthy mama bears a healthy baby. Therefore, getting enough sleep is as indispensable as eating and drinking are. Sleeping can help you recover from physical and mental stress, which is substantial after childbirth.

Thus, with a maternity nurse at your service, you can enjoy long hours of sleep while the nanny can feed or cradle your baby to sleep.

●      Identifying The Good Or Bad

Besides babysitting your child, maternity nurses can use their skills and wisdom to look for things that may not be good for your little one.

For instance, they may be able to identify any allergies or disorders in just a glance that may go unidentified by you.

They may spot a lactose intolerance or the early stages of reflux and extend the most valuable advice on handling these problems and making your child as healthy and happy as possible.

●      Sentiment Of Support

During the postpartum period, the female body undergoes several hormonal and bodily changes. Having a supporter alongside you in this critical time can be very soothing.

While you may feel confused by the task of taking care of a tiny human being, having a skilled mentor in the form of a nurse at your service can greatly relieve you of the stress.

Factors Determining the Cost of a Maternity Nurse in Dubai

While finding a suitable maternity carer, you might also be wondering about the money you’ll have to spill to get one. Therefore, we have gathered some of the major factors that determine the cost you’ll have to bear of hiring a maternity nurse in Dubai.


All nurses in Dubai are licensed by DHA (Dubai Health Authority) to do the work. They have to have a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and some training that could accredit them as one. However, those who have done some additional diplomas and specialization in the field will charge more for the services they provide.


Like any other job, more experience calls for more salary. According to SalaryExpert, maternity carers with more than 8 years of experience in the UAE cost much more than the ones who are new to the business.

Moreover, more experience means more knowledge about the practicalities involved in the caring of both the mother and the baby. And so, getting more money for it is only justifiable.

Number of Days

The number of days you require the nurse for can increase or even lower the per hour rate. For example, if you hire her only for a few days, you’ll have to pay much more than if you hire her for several months.

Job Duties

The duties that regular maternity nurses can perform include taking care of both the baby and the mother. They help the mothers go through the postpartum period while making them accustomed to the new phase in their life as parents by showing them everything pragmatically.

Nonetheless, if you want to cut down on the cost, you can ask them to perform only certain duties while leaving the rest: you can either do those yourself or ask a family member to do so. We recommend you do the latter!

Final Takeaway 

All those mothers-to-be or those who’ve entered the game afresh might be scared of the challenges that motherhood brings along with it. However, you can always opt for a maternity nurse to save you in your postpartum phase and even before that. 

By going on ServiceMarket, you can get quotes from some of the most affordable babysitting and nanny services companies in Dubai. And so, you can choose from there a caregiver according to your liking and pocket. 

We suggest if you want to further cut down on the cost, book them in to perform a handful of services, but do not compromise on the qualifications and experience part. The more experienced the nurse is, the better it would be for your postnatal recovery and your new baby’s initial developmental stages.

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