How Much Does a Nurse at Home Cost in Abu Dhabi?

nurse at home in Abu Dhabi

It is hard for people to look after their ailing family members when they are on a tight schedule because of their jobs and other responsibilities. For them, nurse-at-home services in Abu Dhabi help ensure quality care for their loved ones when they cannot do it themselves. These nurses are trained healthcare professionals who are skilled at managing patients at home for those who don’t want to choose hospitalization.   

However, before you look for a nurse at home in Abu Dhabi, it is important to know the expenses you may have to incur. 

Cost of Nurse at Home Service in Abu Dhabi

Usually, this fee is charged on an hourly basis. You can expect to pay at least AED 149 per hour of service. A professional nurse will assist your loved ones with eating, taking medication, and doing minor exercises for a speedy recovery. LPNs (licensed practical nurses) can even inject IV infusions on a doctor’s instructions and stitch wounds if required. 

Factors to Consider When Budgeting for at Home Care

There are various other factors you should consider before hiring a nurse at home, as they can affect the overall cost:

Hours of Service

As nursing services charge customers based on the number of hours of service, hiring for more hours results in bigger bills. Every patient may need a different type and duration of nursing care. Where some patients may need help with taking medication and eating meals, others may require day-round complete monitoring. Therefore, it is best for you to understand how many hours of nursing service you require, and then budget accordingly.

Cost of Medication

Nursing service fees do not cover for buying or arranging medication for patients. You will have to arrange and pay for the cost of any tablets, syrups, or IVs. During the committed hours of service, nurses are only responsible to ensure that patients receive the prescribed medication. In short, you will have to bear a separate bill for medicines. 

Medical Equipment

Arranging medical equipment is not offered by a professional nursing service. The patient or their family has to rent or buy the necessary equipment on their own. If some nursing service does offer equipment, it is done as an add-on in addition to the basic service. If you have elderly patients who need constant care, it is best to buy your own medical equipment for everyday use. However, it is best to take a doctor’s suggestion on it before you make any purchases.  

Doctor’s Checkup Fees

There are instances when the LPN you hired needs instructions from the doctor to deal with a patient’s condition. You may need to take the patient to the hospital or call a doctor at home to do so. No matter what approach you take, do know that a doctor’s fee is a separate medical expense. You may receive both services from the same provider, but will be charged for individual service. 

Coverage for Patients’ Special Needs 

Some patients may need special care for their healing. For example, a patient may need physiotherapy sessions for regaining movement after an accident. You will have to consult with a therapist to know how many sessions the patient will need. Depending on that, you can get an estimate.


Having a professional caregiver at home is a significant convenience for many patients and their families. However, these services do not include additions like arranging medicine, equipment, or a specialist’s care. So, get a quote for nursing services first and factor in all the other expenses too.

Only licensed and experienced nurses can offer the best care to a patient. You can conveniently hire a nurse at home in Abu Dhabi at reasonable prices on ServiceMarket. 

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