How Much Does At-Home PCR Test Cost in Sharjah?

pcr test price in Sharjah

Since the coronavirus crept into the world, Sharjah, along with the rest of the UAE has done all it can to protect the well-being of its people. By providing unlimited vaccines and PCR testing facilities at a mass level to the people of the third-largest emirate, the authorities are striving towards a corona-free nation. 

While PCR tests are being provided at test centers, ServiceMarket provides you with the option of getting your PCR test done at home in Sharjah. It is encouraged to get yourself tested whenever you feel any symptoms. 

If you don’t have the time and energy to physically go to a testing center, you can simply book an appointment through our portal and get tested by professionals within the comfort of your home.Β 

The constant efforts of the concerned authorities are now paying off when the emirate has hit a new low in terms of the amount of new COVID cases detected as reiterated in the Khaleej Times article.

At-Home PCR Test by ServiceMarket 

At ServiceMarket, we have collaborated with medical clinics and labs authorized by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Dubai Health Authority (DHA). After you book an appointment through the ServiceMarket App, qualified nurses will be there at your service on the day and time of your choosing.

So much so, you can even book the test 3-4 hours prior to the appointment and still enjoy the facility. Within 24 hours of taking your nasal swab, you’ll receive your results through both email and SMS. They will also be uploaded on your Al Hosn App. 

Nonetheless, like everything else, all this also comes at a certain price. You must now be thinking about the cost you’ll have to bear while getting the home testing facility and enjoying the perks of it. Well, for that you’ll have to scroll down to the next part of the article and check for yourself!

The Cost of At-Home PCR Test in Sharjah

ServiceMarket offers both Regular and Express home testing facilities, the charges for both of which are different.


Booking a regular service means that you will receive your results within 24 hours, depending on the number of samples in the concerned lab. The amount you will have to pay for this service is AED 169.


Booking an express service means that you will get your COVID test result in less than 12 hours. So if you require it on an urgent basis, we recommend you go for this option. However, you’ll also have to pay an additional cost and the total amount you’ll have to bear for an express at-home PCR test will be AED 329.

Discounts and Offers

No matter what the costs are, ServiceMarket often comes up with promotional campaigns and that is when you can take the PCR test at discounted prices. For promo codes and other discounted offers, you can watch this space and follow it too!

Moreover, if you want to book appointments in bulk, i.e., if you have 3 people or more in your family or any friends waiting in line to take the at-home test at the same time, you can enjoy a slashed price of AED 150 per person. So, gather at least two more people around you, convince them as to how important the nasal test is, and enjoy the discount.

Final Takeaway 

All in all, we can’t stress enough how important getting regularly tested is in keeping the coronavirus at bay in the region. If we collectively continue with our mission to end this pandemic at this very pace, we’re damn sure that within a couple of months, we’d be thriving in a corona-free space. 

So, continue doing your part: get your vaccinations and the COVID swab test whenever your health feels suspicious.

However, if you’re in quarantine and require to take the test, you can simply book an at-home PCR test service in Sharjah offered by the one and only ServiceMarket. It will help you avoid unnecessary waiting and long queues; hence saving your time. And as they say, time is money, why not save up on it when you have a choice!

Get your PCR test done at home!

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