How Much Does a Blood Test at Home Cost in Abu Dhabi?

blood test at home in Abu Dhabi

For people with mobility issues or other hindrances, getting any lab test at home is of utmost convenience. Luckily, a city like Abu Dhabi now offers this facility in a few simple steps, and blood tests are included. 

A blood test determines many aspects of your overall health from a Complete Blood Count (CBC) to a Lipid Profile Test to a Hormone Profile Test, and much more. If you want a personalized experience for you or your loved one, book services for a blood test at home in Abu Dhabi

Cost of General Health Blood Tests

This package includes a variety of screenings that are frequently requested at an annual physical exam to assess your general health. These basic tests measure elements like calcium, blood sugar, electrolytes, liver function, blood count, kidney function, and antibodies. Diabetes and other medical disorders may be screened for with it as well. The cost varies as per the type of test and sample collection.

Type of Blood TestCost
Complete Blood Test (CBC)AED 99
Urine AnalysisAED 99
Kidney Function Test (RFT)AED 300
Liver Function Test (LFT)AED 400
Thyroid Function Test AED 350
Serum Electrolytes TestAED 190
Immunoglobulin TestAED 450

Cost of Lifestyle Diseases Blood Tests

These blood tests evaluate the probability of lifestyle-related disorders from five separate health categories and provide specific information on factors not assessed by typical blood tests. Three major lifestyle hazards to your health include diabetes, heart disease, and liver disease. 

This test evaluates your body’s ability to control blood sugar levels and your risk of developing diabetes. Moreover, to determine your heart disease risk and stroke, your blood is tested for levels of particular lipids, including good and bad cholesterol and triglycerides. The prices for lifestyle diseases blood tests are the same. 

Type of Blood TestCost
Diabetes ScreeningAED 200
Lipid Profile (Cholesterol)AED 200
Vitamin D Deficiency TestAED 200
Vitamin B12 Deficiency TestAED 200
Iron ProfileAED 200

Cost of Pregnancy and Fertility Blood Tests

The wife or the husband may be required to get a few blood tests done depending on the situation of each couple. Testing for fertility may be used to identify infertility, or the inability to get pregnant naturally. Diagnostics to find out the root causes of infertility include Hormone Profile and Fertility Profile. 

Furthermore, blood tests may also be carried out to determine pregnancy and its duration. Charges for pregnancy and fertility tests vary according to the type of test. 

Type of Blood TestCost
Pregnancy Testing (Blood Sampling)AED 400
Hormone Profile Test – WomenAED 500
Hormone Profile Test – MenAED 450
Fertility Profile – WomenAED 350
Fertility Profile – MenAED 350
Pre-Marriage Screening – WomenAED 500
Pre-Marriage Screening – MenAED 500

Cost of STI Screening

Blood tests can now be used to diagnose several STIs, including HIV, genital herpes, hepatitis, and syphilis. These can be detected through STI screening blood tests, which can now be performed at home. The cost of both types are different as per the urgency of the test.

Type of Blood TestCost
STI Screening (14 Panel) – StandardAED 799
STI Screening (14 Panel) – UrgentAED 999

Cost of Allergy Detection Blood Test

Blood tests for allergies find and quantify the presence of allergen-specific antibodies in your body. Typically, allergy blood tests check for at least 10 of the most typical allergy triggers, such as dust, grasses, molds, and those much more specific to your area of residence. They are also very useful in identifying food sensitivities.

Type of Blood TestCost
Food Allergy TestAED 750


While there are numerous ways to determine the causes of various diseases and symptoms in your body, a blood test is the basic of them all. Add on the convenience of getting this done at home, and you won’t even mind the cost.

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Blood test at home in Abu Dhabi?

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