How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Nurse at Home in Sharjah?

hire a nurse at home in Sharjah

Nurse at home in Sharjah is a valuable service that ensures patients receive personalized care and attention in the comfort of their homes. These professionals are trained in giving assistance like monitoring vital signs, administering medications, wound care, post-surgery care, and ensuring a patient’s overall well-being.

If you hire a nurse at home in Sharjah, the cost will typically start at 149 AED and in case of any additional needs like medical equipment, medication, or lab tests, there may be additional charges. For a 24/7 service at home, generally the price starts from AED 19000 a month. 

Factors Impacting the Overall Cost

The cost of an at-home nurse can vary depending on various factors including duration of the service, location, level of care required, the specific services, and the qualifications of the nurses. Here are the details:

Type of Care Needed

The type and level of care required significantly impact the cost of hiring a nurse at home. Basic care, such as assistance with daily activities and medication management, is generally less expensive compared to specialized medical care or post-operative recovery assistance.

Skill and Experience of the Nurse

The skill set and experience of the nurse also play a vital role in determining the cost. Nurses with specialized skills or extensive experience may charge higher fees for their services, especially for critical care or specialized medical procedures.

Duration and Frequency of Care

The duration and frequency of care required by the patient affect the overall cost. Short-term or occasional care may have a different pricing structure than long-term, consistent care. Longer duration or round-the-clock care typically involves higher costs.


Certain areas in the city, especially those with a higher cost of living, may have slightly higher rates for in-home nursing services. Additionally, accessibility and distance from the service provider’s location to the patient’s home may impact the overall cost.

Medical Equipment and Supplies

These include apparatus such as blood testing equipment, bandages, medicines, or injections. For more complex and specific supplies, the cost could be higher. This cost may be added to the hourly or daily rate of the nurse’s services.

Agency or Independent Nurse

Hiring a nurse through a healthcare agency or directly engaging an independent nurse can affect the total cost as well. Healthcare agencies often have a standard pricing structure that includes their set fees, and often have promotional offerings, while hiring an independent nurse may involve varying price plans.

Additional Services Required

If additional services such as physical therapy, blood tests, wound care, or any other specialized medical procedures are needed, ask the service provider if they offer that. If they do, there would be an additional or higher cost. Also, since these services often require specific expertise, they may involve more than one healthcare professional.

Time of Day and Emergency Services

Another factor that might add to your initial cost is the time of your appointment. Booking one during an emergency or after-hours care may have a higher cost compared to standard daytime care. Nurses who are on call or available during non-standard hours often charge a premium for their services.


Having personalized nursing care in the familiar setting of one’s home takes out the stress the patient feels in a hospital environment. Though the cost of hiring a nurse at home in Sharjah may not be cheap, the benefits are incomparable. These nurses are well trained as well as experienced in handling patients of all age groups and can be a great support for patients and their families. This is especially true in the case of elderly, and terminally ill patients who need constant monitoring, and care to make them as comfortable as possible.

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