How to Choose a Mattress in Abu Dhabi?

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Buying a new mattress is luckily an infrequent occurrence. There are numerous stores in Abu Dhabi where you can buy your mattress from. There’s a good chance that you’ll only buy a few new beds over the course of your life. Of course, that changes if you erroneously purchase the wrong one for your body or skip on mattress cleaning for a long time. 

The importance of mattress cleaning cannot be forgone. Basic hygiene is extremely significant when it comes to your health. In today’s time, it is very easy to get your mattress cleaned with the help of professional services. You can easily book a mattress cleaning service in Abu Dhabi online.

Similar to mattress cleaning, quality sleep cannot be understated, as it impacts your hormones, cognition, and overall health. With that in mind, here are some essential considerations for choosing a mattress to achieve your best sleep.

Consider Your Sleep Position

One of the first things you should consider when choosing a mattress is your sleep position. Side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers all have varying support needs. 

If the mattress is too soft, back and stomach sleepers are more likely to experience lower back pain. Consider the fact that your lower body tends to be heavier than your upper body. If the mattress is too soft, a back sleeper’s legs will sink deeper than the lower back, causing stress and tension throughout the night. As such, back sleepers need a firmer mattress.

Side sleepers are prone to joint pain caused by the pressure points that come in contact with the mattress and other body parts. A side sleeper needs a softer mattress to allow them to sink in and fill those concaves that are prone to pressure.

Your preferred sleeping position will play the most significant role in determining which mattress is for you.

Consider Your Body Type

Another critical consideration is your body type. If you are a heavier individual, you will naturally sink into the bed more. As such, it’s better to have a firm mattress that offers support. 

On the other hand, lighter individuals won’t get the same comforting sink into a firmer mattress, which can create pressure points and pain. If you’re a smaller person, you’ll benefit from a softer mattress.

Determine Individual Needs

There may be other factors that influence what you need from a mattress. If you have sleep apnea, for example, a firm mattress with extra support is a must. Sinking into a soft mattress can exacerbate the effects of sleep apnea, obstructing your breathing further and diminishing the quality of your sleep.

People with underlying medical issues surrounding their bones and jointsβ€”scoliosis, for exampleβ€”often benefit from a softer bed to relieve that pressure. For those who experience daily lower back pain, there’s a fine line between comfort and making the issue worse.

Are You Sharing the Bed?

By now, you likely have a better idea of what type of mattress would work for your bodyβ€”but what if you’re sharing the bed with someone else? This paradox is a common issue for couples with varying body types who have different core needs when it comes to getting good sleep.

If this is the case in your home, there will need to be some compromise. Opting for a medium-firm bed rather than a super firm or soft bed can be beneficial. However, you’ll also want something that mitigates motion transfer to ensure you’re both well-rested.

For couples with different sleeping habits and body types, it’s worth looking into a hybrid mattress rather than memory foam or innerspring. You can read this great post by Real Simple to find out more about hybrid mattresses.

Considering Your Budget

Finally, once you have a better idea of the type of bed you need, you’ll want to consider your budget. Keep in mind that more expensive isn’t always better. There are plenty of quality mattresses at every price point. However, you can expect to pay more for a hybrid mattress than memory foam or innerspring.

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