How to Clean Your Fridge

How to Clean Your Fridge

When is the last time you properly cleaned out your fridge? Not cleaning your fridge on a regular basis can cause it to become dirty, unhygienic and can cause bad smells. Follow these simple tips put together by ServiceMarket to ensure that your fridge is always clean and smelling fresh.

  1. Clear out your fridge: Remove everything from the fridge and throw out any food which is past the β€˜use by date’. Leave the remaining food somewhere cold or store it with bags of ice to keep it cool.
  2. Clean all drawers with soapy water: Take out all out the shelves and drawers and wash them in warm soapy water. If you have a steam cleaner you can use this on most shelves and around any fiddly bits in the fridge. Consider deionizing them with baking soda. This routine should be repeated every 2-3 months. The section of your fridge that needs most attention is the vegetable drawer as it can become contaminated with salmonella, listeria, mold spores and yeast which can cause illnesses so ensure to clean it thoroughly.
  3. Use suitable cleaning products: A solution of warm water and vinegar or warm soapy water can be used to clean the inside of the fridge. There are also special cleaning products for fridges that kill most germs. Always make sure you rinse off any cleaning solution that you use. Avoid bleach as this can erode the plastic and will make your food smell. Use a toothbrush to clean any small areas.
  4. Don’t forget to dry all surfaces: Make sure that all surfaces are then properly dried using a clean cloth before you replace the shelves.
  5. Keep it organized: Put all the food back in and wipe down any jars and containers. Put food that needs to be used first near the front. Avoid over stocking the fridge as you will end up not being able to see what is in there and a lot of food will be wasted.
  6. Store food properly: Remember to store meat and fish separately and on the bottom shelf of the fridge and make sure they are properly wrapped. Try not to layer food on top of each other to avoid contamination.
  7. Monitor and maintain the temperature: Be sure to check the temperature of the fridge. It should be at 50 or below, and remember to finish by cleaning around the seals and the outside of the fridge.

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