How to Clean Your Oven

How to clean your oven

When it comes to ovens, prevention is better than cleaning in Dubai. If you take time to line the bottom of your oven with aluminium foil, and make sure that any dishes in your oven are covered while they are cooking, then this will avoid a lot of the spills that then get burnt. You should also wipe your oven from the inside at least once a week and immediately whenever anything is spilt. Doing so will help avoid a build-up of baked on food and grease.

There are various products available on the market for cleaning the oven but many of them are very toxic and can damage surfaces. If you are using an oven cleaning product, always make sure you read the instructions very carefully and wear protective gloves. Choose a time when the children are out or busy in another room. Make sure that pets are not in the kitchen and open a window so that any fumes can escape. Here are 7 expert tips for cleaning your oven:

  • Make preparations before cleaning: If you decide to do-it-yourself then make sure that the oven is cold and remove any trays and grills and put them in the sink with hot soapy water to soak. Wipe the oven with a damp cloth to remove any loose bits on the side or bottom. You may want to put newspaper on the floor by the oven to collect any dirt that falls.
  • Baking soda and vinegar can do the trick: You can use baking soda and rub this onto the surfaces of the oven and follow this with a spray of vinegar. This will foam up so just spray a little bit at a time. Then leave this for a short while to soak and loosen any dirt.
  • Use a steel wool pad: You can then wipe down the inside of the oven and the door with a damp cloth and use a steel wool pad for any stubborn marks. It is worth buying good quality steel wool such as brillo pads and the cheaper versions do tend to fall apart.
  • Avoid chemical smells: If you are using a cleaning product then always make sure you have rinsed the surfaces with warm water to avoid any chemical smells spoiling your cooking and creating fumes once the cooker is turned on.
  • Don’t forget the top of the cooker: You can use baking soda with water or vinegar to help you clean. Hot water with washing up liquid can also be effective. Wipe the top of the cooker down immediately after anything has been spilt to prevent it from becoming burnt, which is harder to clean. Always make sure that the rings are cool before you do this. Remember to wipe around the knobs as well.
  • Remember the trays: Once you have cleaned the top and inside of the oven you can turn your attention to the trays. If these have been soaking it will be easier to remove any dirt. Use a brillo pad and rub this up and down each rail. Rinse the trays once you have finished and dry them.
  • Dry and reassemble: Finally put everything back into the oven and make sure the surfaces have been dried with a cloth.

There are many companies who provide oven cleaning services in Dubai. This is one job you should get done professionally at least once or twice a year as it will extend the life of your cooker and save you time. Pick one of the vetted cleaning companies in Dubai using ServiceMarket to keep your oven in a good condition.

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