How to Clean Your Microwave Naturally

How to clean your microwave naturally

Did you know that your microwave is one of the dirtiest items in your kitchen? The warmth and moisture in the microwave provide an ideal environment for germs to grow and contaminate your next meal. Sometimes food also gets splattered across the ceiling your microwave and stays there for long periods of time because people don’t notice it. To help you keep your microwave clean and shiny, the experts at ServiceMarket have put together these natural, cheap and effective ways to clean your microwave.

Use a lemon and water

Just slice a small lemon and place it in a microwavable bowl with water. Heat this in your microwave for about 4 minutes and leave it to stand for 3 minutes. Remove the bowl carefully and the glass plate and wash these in the sink. Then take a clean cloth and wipe down the door and inside of the microwave.

Use baking soda and water

Take two tablespoons of baking soda and mix with water in a microwavable bowl. Heat this in your microwave for about four minutes and then leave to stand for about 3 minutes. Then carefully remove the bowl and glass plate and wash these in the sink. Wipe down the inside and door of the microwave with a clean cloth or kitchen paper.

For both of these methods make sure that you use enough water so that it boils and does not evaporate completely.

Prevent food from splattering

There’s a simple solution for avoiding splattering of food. You should always cover the food while reheating it. Doing so will keep the ceiling of your microwave clean. If you think that there are high changes of food spilling out of the container, spread a microwave-safe material on the tray and remove it after heating. Β Β 

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