How to Introduce Your Baby to a New Babysitter in Dubai

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Babysitters and nannies are highly crucial in a place like Dubai. After all, every parent has to attend to professional and/or domestic work. This can be very exhausting, so any extra assistance is welcome. 

Keeping that in mind, searching for a reliable and proficient babysitter in Dubai is a huge worry for parents. 

Still, even if you’ve found one, there is another obstacle in your way; Introducing your little one to their new nanny is an anxiety-ridden period.

To help you succeed in such a daunting task, we have compiled some ways through which the introductory session between the baby and nanny will be less perturbing.

Tips To Follow While Introducing Your Baby To the New Babysitter

You can analyze a child’s perspective about caregivers on how they react when you introduce them to strangers.

However, it is reasonable to assume that your baby may hesitate to cooperate with a new nanny initially.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in to discuss the ways through which your child may feel at home with their new nanny in Dubai:

Talk About The Babysitter With Your Child

Your day-to-day conversations with a child can make them learn a lot. 

So, before fixing a meeting of your baby with the new nanny, mention their name frequently to them, so they get used to the idea of their presence.

Moreover, bring up their names to your child while showering, eating, or playing. For instance, tell them how the sitter will shampoo them or play with them whenever they want to. 

Another great way to acquaint your child with the caregiver is by describing her appearance quite often. This way, the sitter will not feel like a stranger to your kids on the first meeting.

Plan An Informal Meet-up

Before the actual babysitting sessions, a meetup with the caregiver should be mandatory since it helps build a connection between the children and the sitter.

It creates the opportunity for parents to enlighten the sitter about their baby’s daily routine and their likes or dislikes. 

However, keep in mind that the parent’s company during the meeting carries paramount importance. This way the child can spend good moments with their caregiver while also feeling safe because of their guardian. 

Organize Exciting Activities For The Day

Plan a few activities your baby would love to play with the new sitter to make the big day full of joy for your kid. 

Let your child know beforehand how fun it is to hang out with their caregiver, to create a positive image in their minds.

You can purchase coloring books, building blocks, or musical toys for your baby to play with and spend some quality time together with their caregiver. 

Leave The Baby And Sitter Alone For A While

It is necessary to bid farewell to your baby when you have to leave rather than just tiptoeing away. This way, the baby will not be anxious about you disappearing all of a sudden without saying your goodbyes.

It’s reasonable enough that leaving your child under the supervision of a stranger may induce negative thoughts in your mind. But regardless of how distressing it may be for you, you need to be confident while you exit. 

If you don’t leave your child alone with the babysitter, they will get used to having you around at all times. And then they won’t be able to settle down during the babysitting period. 

You don’t want your efforts to go in vain, do you?

A Final Word

Babysitting is not an easy profession, and without proper training and supervision from experts, things can go the wrong way. 

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