How to Make Your Child Comfortable with a Babysitter

Making children comfortable with babysitters in the UAE

Leaving a child with a babysitter is never easy; equally challenging is finding a babysitter that is a perfect fit for your family. At ServiceMarket, you can read reviews onΒ the best babysitting companies in Dubai to find a suitable caregiver. Follow these 5 tips to make your child comfortable with a new babysitter and to give yourself peace of mind when leaving them:

Prepare the babysitter

You are the expert on your child, so take the time to explain everything to your babysitter, including any special care requirements. Write down all details about your child’s daily routine and share the small details that could make your child feel more comfortable like their favourite toys or movies. Make sure all necessary supplies including food, clothes, books, toys and first aid kit are organized and clearly laid out for the babysitter. Also, ensure that the she or he is up to date on all the required emergency contacts. Read more about how to properly prepare your babysitter here. Β Β 

Give it time

Give your child and yourself Β time to ease into the transition. Talk about the babysitter to your child beforehand, so that they know what to expect. Β It is is good idea to have the babysitter come over an hour or two before you leave. This way the babysitter can get to know the child and you can also observe how the two get along. Every new relationship takes time, so let the two bond.

Ease your child into it

Don’t hand your little one over to the nannyΒ immediately. It is a key cause of separation anxiety. Disengage from your child in a neutral setting like when he is playing on the floor. When it’s time to say goodbye don’t linger at the door. Your child is likely to pick up on your apprehension. Alternatively, don’t just sneak out, say a quick goodbye and leave promptly.

Arrange for an activity

Have your child look forward to something fun by getting new games or toys, or even rent a new movie. It is always a good idea to arrange for something the babysitter and your child can do together. With the anticipation of something new and fun, your child won’t be able to wait until the maidΒ comes. This will create a positive bond between the two, and make your child much more comfortable in your absence.

Trust that it will be okay

If you’ve hired help for your child, you’ve probably put a lot of time and energy into finding the best caregiver. Trust your instincts. Once you are comfortable with your choice, set up a means to check in and communicate while you are gone. If your child is old enough, give them your contact number so that they feel like you are reachable in case they need you.

Let’s face it, everyone deserves some time off, and hiring the best quality child care is an essential part of it. At ServiceMarket, we make sure you get the help you deserve. Keep the guilt away and ensure the safety of your child by enlisting the help of the best babysitters in Dubai. We only work with licensed and vetted companies. Book now after reading reviews left by thousands of customers before hiring the perfect babysitter.

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