How to Prepare Items for Self-Storage


Even with a spacious residence in Dubai, you will eventually run out of storage space. Of course, self storage is the most obvious solution, and there are plenty of such services around. But the way you pack the items you want to store will play a huge part in how you utilize the space you pay for. Some companies offering storage in Dubai also offer packing for a certain price. But, more often than not, you will be doing it yourself. Not just to save money, but also to take the best possible care of your items and belongings. Knowing how they are packed can also help you make sure they are ready for a safe and risk-free stay in storage. And while packing can often be a chore, it can be made easier with certain things in mind.

Prepare the Floor

It is essential to keep your items off the floor on pallets or protective sheeting. Despite the desert climate, Dubai self-storage facilities may get very cold and damp during certain seasons, especially if they are not climate controlled. Adding an extra ground level will help with the prevention of any damage to stored furniture and mattresses resulting from moisture or dampness.

Extra Prep Work for Furniture

Before you store furniture, consider adding some extra protection. This is very important for wooden furniture in particular. Better safe than sorry! Thoroughly clean any leather or wooden furniture before you put it in storage. After that make sure the surface is completely dry to prevent the risk of mold. It is also a good idea to avoid wrapping in plastic, as it can encourage the growth of mildew. Instead, use soft fabric such as a sheet or other cloth to cover the furniture. You can even apply wood polish for additional protection. Metal parts should be wiped in a little bit of oil to guard against rust formation.

Consider Dismantling Your Furniture

Dismantling or disassembling furniture makes it far easier in terms of transportation and storing. This can save you a lot of space, especially if you are planning on storing bulky furniture like old beds or sofas. Handles, legs, and other parts can make it a real nightmare to store and transport furniture, along with other things you may already have in storage. Not only that, but excessive bulk can increase the chances of damage to the items in the storing process and cause further problems.

You could even bump it while moving and break either the item or something like a light switch in your space. This may cause you to pay for the damage or forfeit a security deposit necessary for self storage Dubai. Make sure the components are all sorted and properly labeled to allow easy and quick retrieval. Tiny screws and bolts can be taped to furniture they will later assemble to avoid confusion and losing some important bits needed to reassemble it.

Boxes and Packing Materials

Most of the items you store away from your home will likely be packed in boxes. So invest in sturdy and reliable containers as well as packing materials. These are essential, since anything left without proper packing, even in self storage in Dubai, will eventually accumulate dust and dirt. Make sure the boxes are of a similar size to help you stack them and save space. Be careful with the amount you fill boxes with and what you fill them with. Too much weight means tougher times lifting and arranging. Anything you put inside a box should be protected with packing to prevent breakage. Seal openings with tape.

Label and Sort

All of your stuff should be labeled properly to allow easy access and removal. You don’t want to be lost in a sea of boxes when you need to find something specific in them. Keep an inventory of the contents of your self-storage unit to quickly access your belongings. Put labels on more than one side to make sure no sign is covered by another box or something other items.

Use these tips before you pack and move your belongings into long-term self storage. No one can prepare your belongings better than you. But this does not make the need for a good storage space redundant. Make sure you go for a dependable storage service provider. If you don’t know of any good ones, your should be able to find a suitable storage company in Dubai in ServiceMarket’s extensive catalog. Don’t put your belongings at unnecessary risk, even if you don’t need them right now.

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