Introducing Instant Booking for Painting Services!

ServiceMarket's instant booking services for painting

If you are looking to paint your entire home in white or off-white, ServiceMarket now allows you to instantly book painting servicesΒ in DubaiΒ online! This service is perfect for you if you’reΒ looking for a move-in or move-out painting service, or if you areΒ looking to apply a fresh coat of paint to your home. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Visit our instant booking page for painting.

2. Tell us what you want to paint. You will need to specify whether you want to paint all rooms in your home, individual rooms, or just a couple of walls.

ServiceMarket - Tell us what you want to paint

3. Give us details about the current color/s of your walls and what color/s you want to paint them with.

ServiceMarket - Choose your color

4.Β You will then need to provide us with details of your home. Specify whether you live in a villa or apartment and how many rooms your home has. You will also need to tell us whether you want to paint the ceilings and if your home is currently furnished or unfurnished, as well asΒ provide us withΒ details of any water damage. Once you have given us these details, the cost (which includes paint!) will immediately appear.

ServiceMarket - Tell us about your home

5.Β The next step is to select the date you want the painters to come. You should expect the painter to arrive between 9-10am on the date you select.

ServiceMarket - Select start date

6.Β Finally, you will need to provide us with your contact details as well as the address of your home. Then sit back and wait for your painters to arrive!

If you are looking to paint your home in color, or only want to paint a few rooms or walls then give us the details and we will be able to provide you with quotes from multiple painting companies!

Looking to paint your home?