Latest Rules for School Students in Abu Dhabi

school covid testing rules in Abu Dhabi

Schools across Abu Dhabi have finally re-opened for students. After a long period of virtual classrooms and distance learning, in-person classes are returning. However, there are still questions about the new school COVID testing rules in Abu Dhabi. As a result of new variants and changing restrictions, these are subject to frequent change. In this guide, you will learn about safety requirements in schools and PCR testing essentials. 

One of the easiest ways to ensure safety is to book a PCR test at home in Abu Dhabi. This saves you travel time and also reduces the risk of spreading infection in schools and public spaces. Here’s all you need to know about the latest rules for schools. 

Safety Protocols and School COVID Testing Rules in Abu Dhabi

For several weeks, there was distance learning in Abu Dhabi schools as per the government’s directive. However, now that in-person classes have resumed, things are slowly getting back to normal. This means that students can go back to school for classes, instead of attending online lectures. 

But most public and private schools are still following a hybrid learning model. This means that students will attend in-person classes on alternate days. Following such safety protocols minimizes the chances of infection and higher positivity rates. A large number of schools in Abu Dhabi have thousands of students enrolled. In this context, it’s important to stick to preventive measures like social distancing, masks, and sanitizing to boost safety.

Below are the rules for distance learning, and for students returning to schools:   

Rules Regarding Distance Learning     

For all schools, the Ministry of Education has advised a distance learning model for the start of the new school term. This means that schools across Abu Dhabi will enforce this model for the first two weeks of the term. As a result, it’s easier to analyze students and school staff more closely to determine whether they’re fit to return to school.     

Requirements Once Students Return to Schools    

Once the two weeks are over without any sign of infection, students show proof of their health. This simply means that they must present a 96-hour negative PCR test result in order to resume in-class learning.   

However, if any member of the school community tests positive for Covid-19, they will not enter the premises. This includes teachers too.   

What If You’ve Returned from Overseas Travel?    

If you travel to regions outside the UAE, you will undergo a different set of safety protocols. All such teachers, school staff, and students are to sign a travel declaration form. They submit this within two weeks of returning to school. In addition to this, a negative PCR test is also mandatory. You take this test once on your first day of return and then again on the sixth day.     

To ensure maximum safety, you can have a PCR test at home in Abu Dhabi. This is especially important if you have any COVID-19 related symptoms. Apart from this, home testing also allows greater convenience and comfort.      

Rules Regarding PCR Testing     

According to Abu Dhabi school news today, all students belonging to Charter and Private schools are to show a valid negative PCR test. This applies to students who are three years old or older. Moreover, despite vaccinations and booster shots, school staff and students still have to submit a saliva test or a nasal PCR test. The result of that test is valid for 96 hours before returning to school. These school COVID testing rules in Abu Dhabi apply not just to specific staff or students, but to all members of the institution.

Testing Services    

If you’re a student in Abu Dhabi, get a test completely free of charge. All public or private hospitals and clinics offer this service. Even drive-through testing services provide free tests. However, in order to access this, show proof of a valid Emirates passport or ID. A large number of test centers across Al Dhafra and Abu Dhabi allow you to take saliva tests if you’re a student under the age of 12.     

Besides students, administrative staff and teachers can also gain access to free tests. These are available at a wide variety of testing centers across the city. Most schools in Abu Dhabi have a list of codes to make the testing process easier and more accessible.     

However, you can choose to take a PCR test privately too, but that requires a fixed fee. 


Students in Abu Dhabi are returning to school for in-person learning. However, hybrid-learning models are still in place. However, these school covid testing rules in Abu Dhabi are mandatory for all students, teachers, and administrative staff. Overseas travelers are subject to different testing rules and procedures. 

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