Learn How to Steer Clear of Illegal Babysitting in Dubai

illegal babysitting

Infants and young kids cannot be left unattended. However, sourcing babysitting services in Dubai can be very complex. For example, in the United States, it is fairly common to ask a high school student or teenager to keep an eye on your kids for some extra cash. Most people don’t even bother to book a babysitter. In Dubai, however, this can be termed illegal babysitting. Labor protection laws in the UAE require a far more formal engagement.

Read on to discover the correct way to engage babysitting services in the Emirate and how to legally work as a babysitter.  

Conditions to Avoid Illegal Babysitting  

Protecting labor, especially immigrant labor, is a big concern for the Dubai government. Accordingly, several laws are specifically designed to prohibit the exploitation of domestic labor, including babysitters. 

For example, it is a serious violation of domestic labor laws to:  

  • Hire babysitters below 18 years of age.  
  • Discriminate based on racial, ethnic, gender, religious, and political bias. 
  • Inflict verbal or physical harassment in any way.  
  • Offer dangerous working conditions that can lead to harm to the babysitter. 
  • Hire forced or trafficked labor as a babysitter. 
  • Force the babysitter to do tasks beyond the job.

Can You Run a Daycare in Dubai? 

Having a passion for the daycare industry is great. But on its own, it is not enough to let individuals set up and operate a daycare service in Dubai. Daycare services are a commercial effort. Therefore, they have to abide by the necessary legal, financial, and health requirements. Beyond figuring out the pricing model, premises, and overall business plan, a daycare service needs to meet the following key requirements to become a workable business:

  • Safety regulations, including babyproofing the premises to prevent injury.  
  • Obtaining the relevant business permits and licenses.  
  • Hiring legal workers with the necessary qualifications for the job.  
  • Acquiring the necessary equipment to deliver a higher quality standard. 
  • Obtain insurance covers that can mitigate any possible risks.

Can You Practice Babysitting Without a License? 

Dubai has very strict requirements concerning all commercial activities, including babysitting services. Accordingly, it has a rigorous licensing requirement for businesses offering babysitting services. Applying for the correct license is crucial if an individual intends to run a legal business.

Here are a few basic details when obtaining a license for a babysitting or daycare business: 

  • The activity code for the business license is 801001. 
  • The activity group or category is β€œNursery”. 
  • The type of license falls under the β€œProfessional” category. 

The license allows the business to care for children legally in the absence of their parents, in return for appropriate monetary compensation. Of course, for the government to grant a business this license, there are many requirements that the business must meet and demonstrate. Otherwise, the authorities may suspend or revoke the license and even impose a hefty penalty or fine for non-compliance.Β 

How Can You Become a Babysitter in Dubai? 

Unlike a daycare business, a babysitter is an individual. The babysitting profession falls under the category of domestic helpers and is subject to the Domestic Helpers Law. The employing family acts as the official sponsor for the babysitter residing and employed in their Dubai home. Generally, for individuals interested in babysitting in Dubai, a valid working visa is mandatory. Moreover, the nanny must live and work in Dubai. To that end, the host family must make a job offer before the work visa application process can begin. 

The government also sponsors Tadbeer Centers to handle visa needs for nannies and babysitters. Most working visas include multiple entries into Dubai. This allows domestic workers like babysitters to work in Dubai, leave the country, and then re-enter. It offers protection to immigrant workers when they need to leave the country during the year for vacations or family emergencies. The host family or employer is responsible for contacting immigration officials in the UAE to initiate the visa process.  

Once Immigration processes and approves the work visa, the domestic babysitter gets an official labor card. This entitles the worker to apply for a renewable 3-year residence visa. It is important to note that this visa is mandatory for any foreign national residing and employed in Dubai. In addition, the host family is responsible for paying the sponsorship fees for a valid visa. This can cost slightly upwards of AED 10,000. It also includes mandatory medical screening to prevent infectious diseases from entering Dubai’s borders.


Adequate childcare is an essential need for many homes in Dubai. Nannies and caregivers support parents working full-time jobs by taking care of their children and ensuring their safety. In turn, the parents or guardians have less stress to deal with. 

However, illegal babysitting can have serious consequences. Luckily, it is not always necessary to sponsor a nanny or babysitter from abroad. Especially if a full-time live-in helper is not a pressing need. Families can alternatively locate the right person already in the country through a babysitting service in Dubai. ServiceMarket offers trusted and licensed babysitters in Dubai to take care of your kids in your absence. 

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