How Moving Companies in Abu Dhabi Can Help Employees Overcome Relocation Challenges

Moving to Abu Dhabi

International relocation can be quite a stressful experience, especially if you don’t have a good international movers and packers. In this article, ServiceMarket highlights five major challenges that you will face if you are moving to Abu Dhabi and provides solutions on how to tackle them.

1. Cost

When you are relocating to a new country it can be quite difficult to control costs. There are a lot of uncertainties like custom clearance delays, currency fluctuations, exclusions in quotes from shipping companies in Abu Dhabi  and thus, expenses tend to pile up.

Solution: Do thorough research on all the expenses people incur on average while making a similar move. You need to be familiar with the calculations that international movers in Abu Dhabi make before providing you a quote. Then set aside a budget. Many companies have relocation managers and provide funding and other forms of assistance to their employees. Be prepared to negotiate and ask for more assistance if you think you need it.

2. Compliance

You might find yourself facing relocation delays as your visa processing takes time or your belongings take longer to clear customs in Abu Dhabi than you expected.

Solution: Be prepared for all eventualities. We know how awful it is to constantly feel like you are in a state of limbo, but this is part and parcel of relocating to another country. Remember to seek assistance from the company when you hit a really troublesome roadblock.

3. Schools for kids

When families relocate they realize how difficult it is to find the right school for the kids. Sometimes the schools you want your kids to go to won’t have space, other times you won’t find a school that you think would be a right fit.

Solution: Find a neighborhood in Abu Dhabi that you would like to reside in and then talk to real estate agents about the best schools in the area. You should also get recommendations from your colleagues who are parents at the new office. Follow this up with your own research and keep a couple of back up schools in mind. Visit the schools you shortlisted before you make your decision. If your child doesn’t fit well in the new school, switch it. Your child’s comfort in this stressful time is very important.

4. Housing

Whether you need to sell your house in your current country or just need to find residence in Abu Dhabi, it will always be a challenging experience. You might not find a buyer who is willing to pay the price you want or places in your desired neighborhood in Abu Dhabi that match your budget. Moreover, the condition of the apartments might not meet your standards or the selections might be very limited.

Solution: Have realistic expectations. Stick to your budget and thoroughly do your homework by contacting real estate agencies and reading reviews of neighborhoods. Tell the relocation manager, if there is one, about your requirements.

5. Integrating into a new culture

Culture shock can be tough. We know how hard it is to step out of your comfort zone into a foreign environment. It is never easy to leave behind your family and friends.

Solution: Make good use of technology. Use it to keep in touch with your loved ones back home. Download apps or enroll in language classes to learn Arabic. Explore Abu Dhabi till you are quite familiar with it. Introduce yourself to your neighbors and make friends with the parents at your kid’s school. Most of all, give your family and yourself plenty of time to adjust.

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