Save Money on Electric Bills by Doing These Things in Dubai

Want to stay cool and enjoy summers in Dubai without spending too much on electricity?

Dubai summer heat is certainly not fun, and chances are you’re going to have to keep your AC on throughout the day. For many people the joy of summer festivities is often diminished by super high electric bills. ServiceMarket has put together the following guide to help you learn how you can bring down your electric bills this summer by taking simple steps like getting your AC serviced and picking the right curtain designs.

1. Service your AC

You can’t live without it in Dubai! Electricity used by air conditioners constitutes the bulk of our summer electric bills. The simplest way to keep your AC cost down is to ensure that they are working efficiently, which can be done by servicing them regularly.

Your air conditioner’s outdoor unit, which houses the condenser can get clogged with Dubai’s dust and sand. This makes your AC work extra hard, using more electricity to keep your house cool, and if there is too much congestion then it can stop working altogether. Such situations often result in sleepless nights and frantic calls to AC service and maintenance companies in Dubai!

It’s the same story inside your house. Indoors, your AC has dust filters that keep the air clean. But these filters get clogged rather quickly with all the airborne dust, smoke and other pollutants in the house, and they block the evaporator as well. When the filters are choked, expect to have dirty and damp air in the house, which might cause breathing problems for the residents as well!

These stresses on your AC cause unwanted spikes in your electric bill. Why not think ahead? Before you switch on the ACs for the summer, get them serviced by professional AC maintenance companies in Dubai.

2. Find the right type of curtains and blinds in Dubai to insulate your windows

Prevention is better than taking corrective actions later! Another easy way to save on electric bills is to keep your home from getting hot in the first place. Now this can be done in many ways, but the most obvious and the one most frequently overlooked is having the right type of window dressings, in the form of curtains or blinds. Picking the right type of curtains in Dubai for your home can help keep your home cooler.

  • Start by identifying the East and West facing windows in your house, which is a pretty simple thing to do. Identify the windows through which the sun shines in at around 7am in the morning (East) and the windows through which you can see the sun at around 4pm (West). Ensure that these windows have the right type of curtains or blinds.
  • Now if you are looking for new curtains to install, make sure you do the following:
      • Get curtains which have a thicker fabric, since this helps in absorbing the heat directly from the sunlight.
      • Get a layer of a fabric called blackout or (block out) stitched into the rear lining of the curtain. This will be the side that faces the window. A blackout is a special type of fabric, which is designed to block infrared light coming in through the windows and prevent sunlight from heating the room.
    • You can also choose certain types of blinds which have blackouts integrated into their construction such as roller blinds or roman blinds.

If you don’t have the kind of curtains that will keep your home cool, it is a good idea to get help from professional curtain and blind manufacturing companies in Dubai. They can visit your place, propose the best kind of window coverings for each window (with or without blackout), provide you with samples of fabric and other materials available, and give you an exact quote of how much it will cost you. We are guessing the cost of the proper curtains will be offset by your lower electric bills!

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