5 Ways to Make Your Mom Feel Special This Mother’s Day

Mother's Day in the UAE

Our moms have always been in our corner, through thick or thin. They love us more than we could ever realize and anything that we do for them will never make up for all their love, sacrifices and prayers for us. So why not do something special to brighten up their day and make them feel special? ServiceMarket has compiled a list of gifts you could give to your mom this Mother’s Day to show her how much you appreciate her presence in your life.

All day spa

We all know how much our mom’s do for us. Besides the physical labor around the house, they are also superheroes of emotional labor. So send her on a day spa experience by purchasing an indulgent package for her at your favorite spa in Abu Dhabi. She is a queen and deserves to be treated as such.

Weekend getaway

Is your mom feeling particularly stressed out these days? Show her your love by arranging an all expense paid weekend getaway trip for her. You and your kids could join her for it, but even if you can’t, we are sure she will love you for this chance to have some wind down time. Make sure that you think of all expenses, even gratuity, so she doesn’t have to worry about anything.

Book a service

Does a home full of mess and clutter stress your mom out but she is too busy to take care of it herself? Book an Abu Dhabi cleaning service for her so that she can stay off her feet and relax. You could even gift her a deep cleaning service from a reputable cleaning company so that she can come home to a sparklingly fresh home. We also suggest asking her if anything needs to inspected, repaired or changed around the house. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to change the light bulbs or fix the hinges on a cabinet. If you aren’t that savvy with tools, hire an Abu Dhabi handyman to take care of these tasks.

Customized gift basket

If your mom loves gift baskets, customize one for her. Add everything that you can possibly think of that she will adore to the basket and decorate it with gauze and ribbons in her favorite colors. The basket could include anything from her favorite chocolates and perfumes to a signed copy from her favorite author to raw honey from the farmer’s market and a customized family album.

Shopping and lunch

Is your mom a shopaholic? Have you been unable to find time to hang out with her these past few months? Take her out on a shopping trip. You could set a budget and let her shop till she drops while you give her company. Follow up the shopping spree with lunch at her favorite restaurant. Her delight will be worth it.

A thank you letter

While it may seem cheesy, nothing says I love you more than a handwritten note. Write one on nice stationary and thank her for her love and commitment to you and your family. If you are facing writer’s block, you could include some Mother’s Day quotes and print out some photographs of the two of you to include in the envelope.

There you have it! The little things you can do this Mother’s Day to make your mom happy.

ServiceMarket would like to wish all mommies out there a very Happy Mother’s Day. We hope that this day is filled with love and laughter.

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