7 Tips for Moving with Kids

International moving in Dubai

There’s no easy way to tell your children that their lives are about to be uprooted due to a move to a new country, but ServiceMarket does have a few tips you could use to make this transition easier for everyone involved. Before you start looking for storage facilities and international movers in Dubai,Β sit down with your kids and have an open discussion about the upcoming relocation. You should answer their questions and hear out any complaints that they may have.

Family meeting

First on the agenda is arranging a family meeting to give your kids all the details regarding the upcoming move. Tell them why they have to move. Show them where the new country is on a map and share any pictures of the new city they will live in. If you already have housing options, try to take your kids on a trip to the new destination and show them the different homes under consideration to get their feedback and honest opinion. They’ll like that they were consulted and feel better knowing what to expect. Have the older children pick out their own rooms since the younger ones tend to be happy with whatever size or shape room you put them in.

Journal their feelings

If your child is old enough to write, get them a new notebook to record their feelings. There are journals available that give specific writing prompts with regards to moving. Writing is very therapeutic, and kids can be honest and truthful about everything they’re thinking when they know no one’s going to be reading what they write down. Ask them if they would be willing to share excerpts and passages with you once a week so you can gauge how they’re coping and find a solution if need be. If they’re suffering at school, you can arrange for a tutor to start coming in to help them catch up. This is something you can consider when they start going to their new school as well.

Donate by night

It’s always a good idea to declutter and donate any unneeded items around your home before a big move. However, your kids might throw a tantrum if they see their things being given away in broad daylight. Since they will be feeling extra sensitive about this huge change, it’s better to proceed with caution. Wait till night time to donate their old toys and clothes, it’s likely they won’t even notice they’re gone. If you feel that your children can handle this transition, you can explain the concept of donation to them and get them on board to pick and choose things they’d want to give away to children in need.

Video games can help

It might seem trivial, but once you’re settled in the new home it might help if you took the time to connect your child to a video game their friends are playing back home. With the technology we have available at our fingertips these days, you can make your kids feel in touch with their old life and friends. For the older kids, get them new cellular numbers and internet access as soon as possible so they don’t feel too disconnected from their old world.

Plan exciting surprises

Maybe you’re going on a road trip or perhaps the flight to the new country is hours long. In both cases, have a number of surprises and games ready for the journey to cheer your kids up at a moment’s notice. It could be a book or new mobile application to get the whole family involved. Even snacks can work wonders to pass the time, so pack up some treats they like or if you have time before traveling, bake their favorite dessert to bring along on the trip.

Let them be mad

It doesn’t help anyone if you scold your child for expressing how they feel. They might be sad or angry and you should let them get it all out. Eventually they’ll come to terms with this life changing event, but for the time being they’re nervous about what the future holds and will take it out on you. Of course, you shouldn’t let them get away with everything! Just have a little extra patience during this time and you’ll notice their attitude improve once they settle in.

Matter of time

All kids suffer from mood swings and bad behaviour during a move, but all it takes is some time and patience to get through it. Once you feel you’ve got a handle on how your kids are doing, you can start focusing on other tasks like finding the right relocation companies in Dubai for the move. Make sure you only deal with qualified professionals through ServiceMarket to avoid delays and hassles during this hectic time. Good luck!

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