4 Color Themes for Your Kitchen

Color Themes for Your Kitchen

Cooking up a new feel for your kitchen might just be the thing you need to do to brighten up your house. And yes, an all-white look isn’t the only way to go. While it does make your kitchen look clean and crisp, a colorful kitchen can go a long way in freshening up the appearance of your home.

Sandy Brown

A safe and neutral option for your kitchen that is not white is sandy brown. Walls of this color can make your kitchen feel warm and cozy, as opposed to the coolness of all-white walls. This color can make the space look elegant as well as welcoming, where you can happily make a delicious meal for yourself and your family.

Color Themes for Your Kitchen

Butter Yellow

This color can make the kitchen bright, sunny, and airy, and make you feel cheerful as well. Yellow is a difficult color to deal as it can easily dominate the space. So don’t forget to consult the painting company professionals to help you pick the right shade. White cabinets and trim can certainly balance the shade.

Color Themes for Your Kitchen

Slate Grey

Glam up your kitchen with slate grey. This is a very modern and sophisticated paint option for your kitchen. Paint this warm color as an accent on your cabinets and balance it with cool white counters and backsplash. The result is a colorful look that still maintains an aura of neutral comfort.

Color Themes for Your Kitchen

Deep Red

Break the mold and choose a deep matte red for your kitchen. Not only does it uplift the look of the space and the mood instantly, it boosts creativity and appetite as well. With a color as dark as this, though, care must be taken to offset it with neutral cabinets and countertops

Color Themes for Your Kitchen

Whether you select a neutral color or an outside-the-box shade, your kitchen should be a place which looks good and where you feel fully comfortable. Care must also be taken to ensure that you pick the right type of paint as the kitchen is a high traffic area that is prone to spills and splashes. So when thinking of painting this crucial area, find the best paint companies in Dubai on ServiceMarket.

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