5 Ways to Make Sure You’ve Picked the Right International Mover in Dubai

Vetting international moving quotes in Dubai

The inconvenient truth is that it’s not always easy to differentiate between legitimate international movers and packers in Dubai and the fraudulent ones. As long as you cover your basics by doing research and asking the right questions, it’s unlikely that you will fall victim to any scamming incidents. The experts at ServiceMarket have compiled a list of telltale signs of international moving companies trying to take advantage of you.

Is the quote too low?

Does the estimate you have received seem too good to be true? Chances are that it probably is. If presented with a very low quote from an international mover in Dubai, it is understandable that you would be inclined towards accepting their service. However, it is advisable that you compare prices from multiple companies and thoroughly vet the company before going with a very cheap quote. ServiceMarket only features vetted international movers, making it easy for you to get quotes from licensed and reputable companies.

Is the quote detailed enough?

Is there a description or explanation under each of the services offered? Professional companies incorporate the details of what their service includes within their quotes. If the quotation you received seems ambiguous, it may be a warning sign of a possible scam. To avoid becoming a victim of a scam, if you receive a quote that doesn’t seem adequately detailed, ask for a complete breakdown of all services and their associated costs. If your request is met with silence or a half-baked document that doesn’t answer all your questions, cross off the company from your shortlist.  

Did they survey your items?

Did anyone come to survey your belongings? If not, do not hire the company at any cost. If the company does send a representative to your place to conduct the survey, watch them closely. Take note of their uniform, how they conduct themselves, the questions they ask, and whether or not they are able to provide satisfactory answers to your questions. If anything seems dubious, go with your gut and keep looking for a shipping company to hire.

Does the quote have company details?

How did the company share the quote with you? Did they mail it? Did it have company details on it? Legit movers in Dubai will send you their information along with the quote. They’ll include the company address, contact number and the name of the representative assigned to your case. Call the number given on the quote and have a chat with the representative to gauge if the company is a professional one.

Are you being pressured to respond quickly?

If you are getting frequent phone calls from a company to hurry your decision, this is a sign of an unprofessional company, if not a fraudulent one. Successful international movers won’t pester their potential clients. A call to inquire about your decision and if they could help ease your concerns is fine but continuously pressuring you to make a decision is not acceptable.

You’ve done your homework and identified the right international mover in Dubai. Excellent! If you feel confident about this choice, then hire them. But if your gut tells you not to choose a company, there is no harm in delaying your decision and researching other companies. Being satisfied with your choice is very important. Let ServiceMarket help you make the right decision! We partner with FIDI accredited shipping companies that have been vetted by us and reviewed by numerous customers.

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