How the Color of Your Rooms Affects Your Mood

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Colors play a huge role in transforming the ambiance of your rooms. More importantly, you’d be surprised by how much the color theme of your room can affect your mood. While picking the right color for your room, you need to consider a number of factors, including the purpose of the room. ServiceMarket has prepared this handy guide to make this decision easy for you.


Blue is generally known as a soothing color and is the favorite color for the majority of men and women. Being the color of the sea and sky, its link to nature makes it a tranquil color. It is good to use in a bedroom as it is calming and can help you sleep. However, be careful with the shade of blue you chose as some shades can make the room feel colder and a very deep blue can be a depressing color. Blue can also be a good color to use in an office area and in bathrooms.


White is obviously a neutral color and will go with everything. As it reflects light it will brighten a room and make it feel larger. It can give a sense of calm but can also be quite bland if used for every wall and can make your house feel a bit like an office. White does get dirty quickly but is usually the cheapest paint color so you can refresh it often.


Green is also a color linked to nature and can be calming and restore your energies. It is recommended for the lounge area as it is comforting and can help you to unwind. It is a very popular color for decorating and has a multitude of shades. A darker green can be a good color to use in an office or hallway and it implies wealth in some cultures. If you want a color to help you reduce your stress levels then this could be a good choice.


Red is a color that is often used in restaurants and dining rooms. It can give you energy and make you feel lively and happier, however, it can increase your pulse and heart rate which can mean it is not a restful color. It can look very classy in a dining room and can also be elegant in a bedroom as long as the lighting is subdued.


Yellow is thought of as a color that makes you happy and cheerful but it can be too much if it is used for a large area. Yellow helps you to concentrate but a very bright shade can be hard on the eye. The colour can make people lose their tempers and feel frustrated. It is a good choice for an area like the kitchen and the hallway in a house as it is a welcoming bright color, but try to choose a softer shade of yellow rather than something harsh.


Purple is a color that has connotations of luxury and wealth. It can be very dramatic and a good choice for making an impression and stimulating creativity. Light purples such as lavender and lilac can be soothing like blue but without making the room feel cold so they are good choices for a bedroom.


Shades of brown can make a room feel cosy. However it can be an overpowering color so go for shades that can help to create a feeling of togetherness and warmth.


Orange is a welcoming, bright and energetic color. It is good for areas like the kitchen or dining room. You may also want to use this color in your home gym as it can give you enthusiasm. The colour orange can remind you of happy memories of sunsets, autumn and fruit.

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