The Most Popular Color Trends for 2016

The Most Popular Color Trends

Are you sick and tired of your dull and uninspiring rooms at home? Look no further. ServiceMarket has done the research and has come up with some great color themes to bring your rooms back to life. If you’re looking for painting services in Dubai, you can use ServiceMarket to get quotes for painting services or book instantly with a reputable painter.

1) Simply White: Think white is boring? Think again. The all-white trend is here to stay.

Simple white painting theme

The all-white color theme keeps rooms looking clean and fresh. There are two key ways you can go about this. The first way is to keep almost everything white, including all your furniture and home accessories – this gives a modern minimalist vibe. Alternatively, mix your white walls with a combination of wooden and light grey items to create more of a cottage or rustic feeling.

2) Pop of Color: Don’t be afraid of loud colors – just use them in moderation.

Pop of colour painting theme

The trick to adding vibrant colors to your rooms is to get the right balance between bright colors and natural hues. The best way to do this is to stick to an off-white color for your walls and then spice up the room by using small pops of bright colors such as; bright pieces of furniture, plant pots and pillows. This style also works really well with funky patterned home accessories. Some people choose to mix and match their bright colors, while others prefer to stick to just one pop-out color. If you’re feeling more adventurous, then create a feature wall – paint one wall in your favorite bright color, or put upΒ an unusual wallpaper!

3) The Bachelor Pad: Create more of a masculine vibe by introducing warmer shades such as brown.

The bachelor pad painting theme

To create a more masculine vibe, select shades of brown, dark grey and black. Either go all out and paint all your walls in one of your favorite shades, or alternatively choose a lighter off-white color for the walls and create the vibe by adding a feature wall or through your furniture and accessories. To truly make this theme work, stick to yellow light bulbs and add in a couple of yellow or golden lamps.

4) The Trio: One of our current favorites is the white-grey-pink trio.

The trio painting theme

This theme sticks to three colors; white, grey and another color of your choice. One of our favorites is the white-grey-pink trio, but it also works well with shades of blue, green and purple! To really pull this off try to limit introducing too many color shades into the picture. Keep samples of the colors you choose with you when you go shopping and try not to deviate from these too much.

5) Sail Away: This theme includes a saturated blue with splashes of white, grey and red.

Sail away painting theme

This coastal theme combines a saturated blue with touches of white, grey and red. The trick is to choose a vibrant and deep blue to create a calm sea-side atmosphere. To complete the look, it’s also a good idea to add in some sea related bric-a-brac around the room such as a model ship or a couple of pillows with ship icons. This theme is a classic and works amazingly to highlight the architectural features of your home – such as your built in cupboards and shelves. This timeless theme is also a great option for your children’s rooms. Β 

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