Popular Wood Flooring Styles in Dubai

Popular Wood Flooring Styles in Dubai

When it comes to picking out a flooring for your home quality is key. This is the flooring you’re going to live with for a long time, and if it isn’t done right, you’ll be regretting every dirham and minute spent on the project. Move slow with these types of home renovations; there’s no rush! It’s always better to research and do some homework before deciding on a wood flooring style in Dubai. ServiceMarket has prepared a list of popular wood flooring styles in Dubai.

Styles Available

Some Dubai homeowners prefer unfinished hardwood flooring for rooms like the kitchen. At first, the installation includes many layers of protective finish and after a while the boards come together, removing any seams in between them; which protects them from water coming through and damaging the flooring. If you decide on a finished hardwood option, however, you’ll be getting flooring that’s ready from the get-go from the manufacturers. This means you have no say in the look, sanding, or sealing of the flooring, which could lead to a quicker installation process but lacks a personal touch. The benefit is that you and your family don’t have to wait to walk on the floor and it doesn’t absorb any smells it may come in contact with during installation.

In Dubai, residents are always trying to make their homes as individualistic and personalized as possible, which leads to the option of dark stained wood floors. This choice was voted one of the trendiest flooring statements one could make in 2017, especially if the walls have flashy paint colors that can contrast with the floor. The downside of this trend is that dust will show up more frequently and people have complained that it makes their rooms look smaller.

It’s worth looking into textured flooring styles when deciding on floor installation in Dubai as they really stand out. You can either choose hand scraping or wire brushed wood floors; the former is unique and the makers have the ability to design each plank of wood differently, while the latter gives the floor scratches and an ancient feel. The wire brushed choice is often picked by families and houses that include pets, as the style hides dirt and dust than any other style.

Weather Conditions

Ultimately, the type of climate you live in as well as the room in question affects the flooring you should pick out; for example, choosing solid wood is a good choice for any bedroom as it is sealed and protected, however, it reacts badly to humidity and is not the ideal choice for basements. If you’re leaning towards engineered hardwood flooring, you are choosing a more stable choice that’s perfect for underground rooms and any type of weather. If you want to read about the pros and cons of both flooring types, we have a great article for you here.

Be sure toΒ check out some of theΒ dos and don’ts of wood floor maintenance.

Once you have decided on a flooring type after consultation with a flooring company in Dubai, you will need to learn how to maintain it so that it looks good for years to come.Β 

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