5 Tips to Tackle the Post-Party Mess

Everyone wants to relax and reminisce about the highlights of their party after the guests leave, but the sight of confetti, bits of food, disposable plates, and pieces of torn wrapping paper all over the living room throw many of us into a state of panic. However, you don’t need to worry. By following these tips put together by ServiceMarket, you can handle such situations like a pro.

  • Request your friends and family to help: You’d be surprised by how many friends and relatives would happily help you in cleaning up the post-part mess. Request them to help you right after the party or the following morning. You can even involve your kids and make it a collaborative activity for the entire family. With some extra pairs of hands, you can clean your home much faster. 
  • Book a professional cleaner: The easiest and most effective way to deal with your post-party mess is to simply book a cleaning service. You can just relax with your family while professional cleaners take care of the clutter, spilled food, dishes. They will also thorough clean your bedrooms and bathrooms. You can even book a deep cleaning service to make sure there is no hidden dirt in any corner of your home. A number of cleaning companies now specialize in post-party cleaning, but book a cleaner as soon as possible because they are in high demand during the holiday season.
  • Buy cleaning supplies in advance: Nobody wants to go shopping after hosting a tiring party. To avoid unnecessary hassles and make your life easier, you should consider getting your cleaning supplies and tools a few days before the party. Make sure you have plenty of bin bags, tissue paper rolls, cloths and wipes. Whether you plan to do all the cleaning yourself or hire a cleaner, doing so will save you save time. Alternatively, you could request the cleaning company to bring along the cleaning equipment for an additional cost.
  • Use disposable items: If you don’t want to do the dishes after the party, you should get paper plates and cups to serve all food and drinks. Some people also buy disposable cutlery to make their life easier. Your guests can throw away these disposable items in a bin bag after using them.
  • Take some preventive steps: You can reduce the amount of work and save plenty of time and money by taking some simple steps like placing bin bags around the house. Be sure to make a short announcement at the start of the party to let everyone know that they won’t have to go far find a trash bin. You can cover varnished tables that are likely to be damaged by spilled drinks. You should also remove expensive rugs from your living room before the party to avoid huge cleaning bills.

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